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a) in this $count = $data =~ m/and/; i have tried a way for the matching operator to count the occurences of the literal word 'and' inside the variable $data but it only gives me 1 every time. i also tried it with the global modifier /g but same thing here as well how may i write the above to actually count the occurences?

b) also i want to ask how can i take the next word after the matching pattern. in this particular exampel iwant to take the word after and each time and appears inside the variable $data.

c) One teacher of mine said to me that python is far more better than perl!?!? is this true? i hate to think so!!!

d) which tool may i use to make beautiful perl cgi web pages and then insert perl code where i want too? i tried dreamweaver but that one supports many client and server side languages except perl. Do you know of a tool that creates cgi perl output to helpome design pages? Carefull not html output but cgi perl output like Dreanweaver created php output when someone design a php web page.

Thanks thats all!

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