So you are scraping URL's out of a web page (using a CPAN module, of course), and they take all sorts of different forms: some absolute, some relative. The relative ones may or may not begin with a slash, etc.. Your job is to figure out where all of these links really go. URI::URL is your friend.

use strict;
use URI::URL;
use constant BASE => '';

print "BASE is ", BASE, "\n\n";

while ( chomp(my $path = <DATA>) ) {
    &tryit( $path );

sub tryit {
    my $relative = shift;
    my $path = URI::URL->new($relative)->abs( BASE, 1 );
    print "$relative ->\n\t$path\n\n";


Here's the output:

BASE is ->

/index.html -> ->

search/ ->

library.html ->