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I think multi-line commenting (a single format of) would be great implemented as a standard feature in a future version of Perl; perhaps in Perl6? (it can't hurt to hope)
It isn't happening. Basically, they're going to try to redo POD so it's all spiffy, but Lwall gives the multi line comment RFC a rejection. So it looks like it isn't going to happen.

From Apocalypse 2:

But even if I weren't blindly prejudiced, I suspect I'd look at the psychology of the thing, and notice that much of the time, even in languages that have multiline comments, people nevertheless tend to use them like this:
     *  Natter, natter, natter.
     *  Gromish, gromish, gromish.
The counterargument to that is, of course, that people don't always do that in C, so why should they have to do it in Perl? And if there were no other way to do multiline comments in Perl, they'd have a stronger case. But there already is another way, albeit one rejected by this RFC as "a workaround."
(In response to RFC 5)

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