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Module Reviews

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If you are shopping around for the Perl module which is just right for your needs, read these reviews — written by perl monks — to help you make an informed decision.

If you have used a module and you think other monks might benefit from your experiences, please share them here by writing a review!

We also have a section for Book Reviews.

Acme::Apache::Werewolf by rob_au
Acme::Comment by PERLscienceman
Acme::Current by jeffa
Acme::DNS::Correct by antirice
Acme::Don't by rob_au
Algorithm::Diff by VSarkiss
Apache::ASP by trs80
Apache::Htpasswd by greenFox
Apache::MP3 by maverick
AppConfig by BoredByPolitics
Archive::Tar by graff
BioPerl by scain
Bone::Easy by Guildenstern
Business::CreditCard by jdavidboyd
Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet by twerq
C::Scan by knight
Carp::Clan by Aristotle
CDB_File by ehdonhon
CGI::Application by rob_au
CGI::Carp by redcloud
CGI::Cookie by wardk
CGI::Explorer by stefp
Class::DBI by stonecolddevin
Config::IniFiles by wardk
Convert::Morse by PERLscienceman
Coordinate by orbital
cpan-upload by liz by Aighearach
Curses::UI by sheridan3003
Data::Dumper by geektron
Data::Dumper by geektron
Data::Flow by knight
Data::FormValidator by markjugg
Data::ShowTable by markjugg
Data::TreeDumper by Anonymous Monk
Date::Calc by Anonymous Monk
Date::Manip by ZZamboni
Date::Simple by shiza
DBD::Anydata by idsfa
DBD::RAM by mirod
DBI vs. Oraperl by wardk
DBIx::XML_RDB by mirod
desift by princepawn
Devel::Peek by nakor
Devel::ptkdb by busunsl by damian1301
Email::Valid by kilinrax
ExtUtils::ModuleMaker by simonflk
EZDBI by Juerd
File::Find by Corion
File::GetLineMaxLength by martin
File::SortedSeek by RMGir
File::Spec by tye
Filter::Handle by Adam
GD by Jouke
Geo::Weather by damian1301
Getopt::Declare by danger
Gimp by Aighearach
Goo-Canvas by zentara
HTML::Clean Review by sheridan3003
HTML::Embperl by trs80
HTML::FillInForm by MrCromeDome
HTML::FromText by FoxtrotUniform
HTML::Mason module review by TheoPetersen
HTML::Template by defyance
HTML::TreeBuilder by Nooks
Image::Magick by Corion
Inline::Files by ariels
IPC::Open3 by tilly
Lingua::Ispell by jeffa
List::Compare by McMahon
Mail::POP3Client by xjar
Mail::Sendmail by Corion
Memoize by ariels
MIME-tools by mpolo
MIME::Lite - For outging mail with attachments by trs80
Module::Build by rinceWind
Module::Compile::TT by dragonchild
Net::FTP by vaevictus
Net::IMAP::Simple by nite_man
NET::LDAP by bobtfish
Net::Telnet by Rex(Wrecks)
NetAddr::IP by Clownburner
Number::Spell by PERLscienceman
PAR by rinceWind
Parallel::ForkManager by Clownburner
Params::Validate by rinceWind
Parse::RecDescent by Masem
Pod::Simple::HtmlBatch by doom
Pod::Usage by skx
Pod::Webserver by rinceWind
Proc::Background by flyingmoose
Proc::Daemon by ncw
Proc::ProcessTable by rob_au
Quantum::Superpositions by larsen
Roman by mirod
Semi::Semicolons by ailie
Slurp by Juerd
Sman by Khen1950fx
SNMP by Nooks
SOAP::Lite by Anonymous Monk
SOAP::Lite by Anonymous Monk
SOAP::Lite by $code or die
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel by abaxaba
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel by BigGuy
Storable by TheoPetersen by tye
String::Random by ishmael
SVK by rinceWind
Switch by Cow1337killr
Template Toolkit 2 by Masem
Term::ProgressBar by crenz
Text::CSV by TStanley
Text::MicroMason by Aristotle
Text::Template by mirod
Text::xSV by TStanley
Time::Piece::MySQL by jeffa
Tree::DAG_Node by bm
Win32::API by Guildenstern
Win32::Lanman by SyN/AcK
Win32::OLE by Rudif
WWW::Amazon::Wishlist by monkfan
XML::DOM by mirod
XML::Grove by Laurent CAPRANI
XML::Parser by mirod
XML::PYX by mirod
XML::Simple by mirod
XML::Twig by mirod
XML::UM by mirod
XML::Writer by mirod
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