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Re: Re: Stupid mass-downvoting ...

by Anonymous Monk
on Dec 07, 2003 at 15:55 UTC ( #312930=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Stupid mass-downvoting ...
in thread Stupid mass-downvoting ...

I can't believe people downvoted him for that. I also can't believe davido responded to nitpick. ptkdb was just sketching out the general steps, there was nothing wrong with leaving a few out. Anyway, I really doubt that's why ptkdb left (if in fact he's gone).

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Re: Re: Re: Stupid mass-downvoting ...
by mdillon (Priest) on Dec 07, 2003 at 18:03 UTC
    One thing that's wrong was that he chose to have use strict and use warnings, making it look like real code. If he really wanted to post "pseudo code" and not be misunderstood, he should have made it not look like real Perl so much.

    I'm not saying that it was wrong for him to post what he did, it's just quite reasonable that the inconsistency of posting "psuedo-code" with use strict would cause some people to criticize. It was mainly his poor reaction to that criticism that seems to have offended some people.

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