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Re: perl tools

by Abigail-II (Bishop)
on Dec 10, 2003 at 16:13 UTC ( #313757=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to perl tools

I use vile (a vi look-a-like), with the following Perl specific settings:
define-submode perl shiftwidth 4 1 store-macro goto-beginning-of-file append-string "#!/usr/bin/perl\n\n" append-string "use strict;\n"; append-string "use warnings;\n"; set-mode "perlmode" position-window b open-line-below-and-append-chars ~endm 2 store-macro save-file shell-command &cat "perl " $cfilname ~endm 3 store-macro save-file shell-command &cat "perl -c " $cfilname ~endm 4 store-macro save-file shell-command "make" ~endm bind-key execute-macro-1 ^A-p bind-key execute-macro-2 ^A-r bind-key execute-macro-3 ^A-c bind-key execute-macro-4 ^A-m
Do I need more for development? Well, a second xterm is useful, and make. I love make. The only times I've replaced Perl programs that I wrote myself, with something else I've replaced them with Makefiles. Lots of fluids are important too. I always have one or more bottles of carbonated water on my desk, and coke (or other sodas) and/or tea is usually near as well.

For debugging, I mostly use plain print statements, sometimes I use YAML to show the structure of a complex datastructure (I find Data::Dumpers output to be unreadable). Command line options I may use for debugging are: -c, -Dr and -MO=Deparse. I've never used the Perl debugger. Sometimes I use [ps]?trace/truss (or whatever it's called on the box I'm working on) or snoop/tcpdump for debugging. Or I peek in the source. And then there are top, ps, *stat, glance, /proc/*, netstat, route and syslog which I use to debug and investigate problems with. Obviously, some of the tools are more Perl specific than others.


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