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by BurnOut (Beadle)
on Dec 13, 2003 at 01:47 UTC ( #314447=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

In case you're wondering. I'm female.

Y-Less Monks / XX Monks

I'm getting the feeling that this wasn't such a great idea. A huge thanks to all who contributed.


  • I've been building a CMS for actor fansites for about 3 years now - using my site as a guinea pig. It's about 30% done and not ready for public consumption yet. Hell, I'm not entirely sure it's ready for private consumption. Uses DBIx::Recordset, Template Toolkit and a few other modules.
    I know what you're thinking 3 years and only 30%?! Well, the majority of it was "slapped" together in one month and completely segmented. Then I decided tackling writing my own modules to provide more abstraction, which prompted the first rewrite. I only got about half the old "s‎crip‎ts" converted to the new system when I realized that I actually can understand OO and that it would solve the global variable problem that was tying my stomach in knots. So I stopped the first rewrite solid and began the second rewrite. Bah, I hate being self-taught. Thankfully, the first version is so segmented that all this rewriting isn't affecting it.
  • I've begun creating a rough schematic on the QuickBooks module, to be released on CPAN. The two big things that it'll do is handle the connection and put together the QBXML for you. I want to note that this is not the same as the HTTP::QuickBase module (released by Intuit), which only handles the Online Version of QuickBooks.

Random Musings

  • It is not all about the 'O'.
  • If you can predict the lyrics of a song 5 seconds before they're sang, and can do that for over 30% of the song, your brain is frying from canned commercialism.
  • On the "Reluctant Psychic" kitty commerical on USA, the cat dies a total of 8 times. Looks like he may need to get a dog sooner than he thinks.

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