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Like many other people, I like working flexible hours. More than like, I require them. I've worked jobs where I had strict hours (either from needing to work on group projects or because the managers were deluded), and found that the end result was that my personal life was in chaos and I hated the job. Since I don't see much point in working at a job that makes me unhappy if there are other alternatives, I will keep flexible hours as one of my working requirements.

I've considered what my life would be like right now if my job wasn't flexible. I would have wasted my entire vacation time taking half-days off to do just the most necessary of the errands (such as appointments with the doctor or dentist or a tax advisor, or hours spent on the phone trying to fix the mistakes of the phone company before the phone is disconnected, etc--the unimportant errands like picking up a package from the postoffice or getting my hair cut would just be abandoned) that I now do in the morning before I go to work. I would have been taking unpaid vacation on the days I've worked from home--the days when someone had to remain in the house because 'sometime' the washing machine repair-person would show up, or 'between 9 and 4' a new oven would be delivered, or 'at one' the heating would be inspected (because I commute to another city for work, the last item couldn't be just a long lunch break from the office). I really don't know how people with strict schedules manage--for me it seems more of a necessity to have flexible hours than a luxury, unless you can pay someone to do things for you, or live with someone who isn't working (or has more flexible hours than you or a different schedule).

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