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Dear monks,

I need to show a table in my Tk application, about 40 rows and 5 columns. I'm using Tk::Table for this task, and find it quite slower than I need. I understand that it uses a widget for each cell, so I have 200 widgets (windows) open, updating and getting messages. The Tk::Table pod warns against large tables.

But what are the alternatives ? I implemented the same using a grid packer, but there, naturally, it's the same story - cell = widget.

My last resort is to roll something with a Canvas, which should be faster (a single widget), but I don't want to get there, as it's complicated. I heard that Hlist may be of help, but I never quite thougt about it in the same way.

Any Ideas ?

Update: I tried HList. It definitely isn't what I need, appearance-wise.