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Re: Perl 6 language -- change in hyperoperator syntax

by Abigail-II (Bishop)
on Jan 01, 2004 at 17:53 UTC ( #318135=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Perl 6 language -- change in hyperoperator syntax
in thread Perl 6 language -- change in hyperoperator syntax

I've always been amused/irritated that programming languages inflict American English on the rest of the world. Whether you're French, Chinese, or Greek or Malay, you have to program in English: if/then/else, while, open, ...
When I started to learn programming, one of the first things our professor told us that while the keywords "if", "then", "else", etc might look like English words, they weren't. They were just symbols, and the fact they just happened to look like English words was something we should consider a coincidence.

At that moment, almost 20 years ago, I thought it was a joke. But over time, I've seen it as a valuable lesson - to be able to abstract away the "English" meaning of the word, and just see the bunch of letters as a symbol.


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Re: Re: Perl 6 language -- change in hyperoperator syntax
by BrowserUk (Patriarch) on Jan 01, 2004 at 18:22 UTC

    Tehn aiagn, all wrdos, wevahter the lungaage, are nintohg mroe tahn slmibyoc rerpetensnatios of iaeds. Wcihh only goes to prove taht dlaiets like silnglep, grammer and pitunaucton aern't itrapnomt pderoivd the idea is clarely cvoeneyd:)

    Examine what is said, not who speaks.
    "Efficiency is intelligent laziness." -David Dunham
    "Think for yourself!" - Abigail

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