Item Description: mod_perl module to provide mp3 listing / streaming

Review Synopsis: An excellent module to quickly add a nice interface and streaming to Apache for your mp3 collection.

The Good

This is an excellent package for anyone who wants to add MP3 listing and streaming to Apache. The installation directions are simple and straight forward. There are a number of configuration options to change the behaviour of the module. It also uses MP3::Info to extract id3 tag info for the listings and this information can be cached for better performance. I have nearly 5 Gig. of mp3s on a k6-2 450 and speed isn't an issue.

The Bad

I had originally installed this on a stock Redhat Apache/Mod_Perl setup (mod_perl loaded dynamically). For some reason this played havoc on the stability of the module. Once I recompiled Apache and Mod_Perl from source, it behaved flawlessly.

The look of the generated pages is controled via a cascading style sheet. While this simplifies altering the apearance, it doesn't allow for an ultimate in configurability.

And lastly, somebody else wrote it. For those of you who had considered writing one, the task has been done. :)

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RE: Apache::MP3
by Anonymous Monk on Sep 12, 2000 at 12:35 UTC
    The original author LDS closed his article on Apache::MP3 with a statement on creating playlists dynamically off database queries. Any experience with this specific extension to this module anyone?
      Not yet. It was one of the things that I wanted to look at, especially since the ripper/encoder frontend I use (grip) has support for inserting mp3 info into a database. But alias, I couldn't manage to do before the deadline for submitting reviews :).