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Re: Perl in the "Microsoft Research Center"

by EdwardG (Vicar)
on Jan 15, 2004 at 09:44 UTC ( [id://321508]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl in the "Microsoft Research Center"

I'm not quite sure what point you are making.

You are surprised, ok. But other monks probably aren't. Perl is ubiquitous, that means it is everywhere, even at Microsoft. I would expect that it has influenced more than a few design decisions, particularly with the recent design of C#. For instance Eric Gunnerson, a Microsoft Programme Manager for C#, admits to being an "old Perl guy" and has used perl as a benchmark for text processing speed.

The world is full of entities that refuse to line up neatly into stereotypes, and that includes Microsoft.

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Re: Re: Perl in the "Microsoft Research Center"
by t'mo (Pilgrim) on Jan 15, 2004 at 19:25 UTC

    I'm not going to speak for the OP's thoughts, but I myself have been a little surprised at times to see M$ "products" or M$-only environments (like where I work) and Perl together.

    In my mind I often equate M$ with closed-ness, death-grip control, and TOWWTDI - There's Only One Way To Do It - the M$ way. I'll have to admit that I have these biases based on my experiences at work and the people here. They'll say, "Perl - we can't use that? It's not on the company's approved software list!" Or they might say, "Perl - who can read it?", when I might argue otherwise.

    Furthermore, did you see the OP's sig?

    Graciliano M. P.
    "Creativity is the expression of the liberty".

    Perhaps, like me, the OP thinks like this:

    @msProducts = ("Visual InterDev", "ASP", "VB", ...); sub creativity { ... } sub security { ... } sub stability { ... } sub coolness { ... } @whatIWouldLikeToUse = grep creativity, grep security, grep stability, grep coolness, @msProducts; print scalar @whatIWouldLikeToUse; # 0!

    , where sub (creativity|security|stability|coolness) are defined such that they always return false whenever they're fed the name of a M$ product or technology. When we run across things that challenge our assumptions, we are surprised. :-) I can understand the OP's surprise.

      M$ product or technology. When we run across things that challenge our assumptions, we are surprised. :-)

      The use of M$ in your writing is self demeaning. If you dont like MS (as many don't) or what they do (as most don't) thats one thing. But the childish M$ stuff is script kiddie stuff. And IMO doesnt belong on PM.

      If you seriously expect anyone who is a regular user of MS products to listen to what you say, you might want to try not to be derogatory and childish in the way you do so. If you dont care if they listen then why comment?

      So are you suprised?


        First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
        -- Gandhi

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