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use deprecated;

by halley (Prior)
on Jan 16, 2004 at 15:26 UTC ( #321803=perlcraft: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

   1: # deprecated - pragmatic module to mark a package or a sub as unsupported
   3: package deprecated;
   5: =head1 NAME
   7: deprecated - pragmatic module to mark a package or a sub as unsupported
   9: =head1 SYNOPSIS
  11:     package OldeCrufte;
  12:     use deprecated qw(do_hack);  # calling OldeCrufte::do_hack() will carp
  14:     package OldeCrufte;
  15:     use deprecated;              # using the OldeCrufte module will carp
  17: =head1 DESCRIPTION
  19: The word 'deprecated' is used to describe something that has lost support
  20: or is otherwise not recommended.  In programming, this usually means that
  21: a newer, faster, safer or more supportable method has replaced an earlier
  22: routine.
  24: When added to a package, this pragma will mark the package, or select
  25: subs within it, as being deprecated.  It does not change the behavior of
  26: the subs within the package, except that on the first call of the sub, a
  27: helpful message is printed to the C<STDERR> stream before running.
  29: The runtime messages are suppressed if the PERLLIB environment variable
  30: does not contain the words 'home', 'devel', or 'test'.
  31: This way, only developers see these messages when working with
  32: the programs, but normal end-users do not see them.  This
  33: test is easy to customize for other company library
  34: situations.
  36: =cut
  38: use strict;
  40: sub debug
  41: {
  42:     return (defined $ENV{PERLLIB} and
  43: 	    $ENV{PERLLIB} =~ /home|devel|test/i);
  44: }
  46: use constant EVAL_CODE => <<'END_CODE';
  47: sub %s::INIT
  48: {
  49:     my $overridden = \&%s;
  50:     *%s =
  51: 	sub
  52: 	{
  53: 	    if (deprecated::debug())
  54: 	    {
  55: 		require Carp;
  56: 		Carp::carp('%s() is deprecated; ' .
  57: 			   'see the documentation for an alternative;');
  58: 	    }
  59: 	    *%s = $overridden;
  60: 	    goto &$overridden;
  61: 	};
  62: }
  63: END_CODE
  65: sub import {
  66:     my $class = shift;
  67:     my $pkg = caller;
  68:     if (not @_ and debug())
  69:     {
  70: 	require Carp;
  71: 	Carp::carp("Module $pkg is deprecated; " .
  72: 		   'see the documentation for an alternative;');
  73:     }
  74:     eval join('', map { sprintf(EVAL_CODE, $pkg, ("$pkg\::$_") x 4) } @_);
  75: }
  77: 1;
  79: __END__
  81: =head1 AUTHORS
  83: Proposed and tested by Ed Halley <F<>>, and draft
  84: implementation by 'Aristotle', as posted on F<>
  85: in 2003.
  87: =cut

Replies are listed 'Best First'.
Re: use deprecated;
by Aristotle (Chancellor) on Jan 16, 2004 at 15:50 UTC

    Maybe you could provide the full URL in your POD. :)

    I don't like the idea of your debug() — far too hackish a way to enable deprecation warnings. Probably the best option is to use warnings::register instead. Another idea would be a companion module which merely sets a package variable; it could be then both be used from all the usual places as well as autoenabled by adding -Mdeprecated::warn or some such to PERL5OPT.

    Are you putting this on CPAN?

    Btw, Craft is more or less obsolete, Code Catacombs is where code should be posted. See One Section to rule them all. for a discussion.

    Makeshifts last the longest.

      I wasn't sure if Craft was active anymore, but the whole Monastery is getting pretty catacombish about where to put stuff. I sort of wish it was all just "discussion" or "code." But that's a separate conversation.

      There are a thousand ways to flip the big debug() switch, and this is "sorta" the test that I settled on for the library I manage. I wanted the warnings to be invisible for uninitiated end-users, and to be visible to developers who didn't even know that existed. It's a compromise, but it's all in a separate function. It'd be neat if 5.8.2 adopted it (or even just the concept) and they could do whatever they wanted with debug(), but I just wanted to get the thing done.

      [ e d @ h a l l e y . c c ]

Re: use deprecated;
by Anonymous Monk on Jan 17, 2004 at 12:08 UTC
    Don't use string eval, especially when you don't need to. Try something like
    sub _deprecated { my $sh = shift; require Carp; Carp::carp("$sh() is deprecated; ". "see the documentation for an alternative;"); ... } sub import { ... for (@_){ *{"$pkg\::$_"} = sub { _deprecated($_) }; }

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