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Re: Turning off carp(fatalsToBrowser) [briefly]?

by boo_radley (Parson)
on Jan 20, 2004 at 18:49 UTC ( [id://322666] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Turning off carp(fatalsToBrowser) [briefly]?

when you see those errors -- fatal errors -- that means your script will most likely not function as advertised in certain, potentially critical points.

For you to not care that your code is coughing up these errors is sloppy. Why bother loading Mime::Lite if its dependencies aren't met?
Take everybody's advice and either satisfy Mime::Lite's requirements. When you say

I believe many of the modules that Mime::Lite uses are optional and I don't use them so I guess that why it works...
you should be a little sad. Know how your script works and know what's required. If you're resorting to guessing why it works, you're going to be well and truly baffled when it breaks.

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Re: Re: Turning off carp(fatalsToBrowser) [briefly]?
by jfrm (Monk) on Jan 23, 2004 at 17:54 UTC
    Well this is perhaps a tad unfair, brother. I know how my code works. If I comment out the 'require MIME::Lite' line then the errors don't happen. So I deduce that either MIME::Lite has a bug (extremely unlikely) or that my environment has some problem (pretty likely). My code has numerous problems, I have no doubt, but I don't think that these errors are caused by one of them.

      So I deduce that either MIME::Lite has a bug (extremely unlikely)

      Well, actually extremely is a bit stronger than I would say. Eryq is human, and so am I. In fact the whole reason I took over maintenance of the module was _because_ MIME::Lite had an error in it and Eryq didnt have the tuits to take care of it, so there was this buggy version in wide use. The 3.0 release was mostly a cosmetic change (with a few minor changes), the 3.01 release is the one to use. (Although I would be very grateful for people trying out the dev release of 3.01_03 especially if they are using authenticating SMTP servers for transmission, I wont release it with a "production" version number until I have feedback.)

      But you are correct, MIME::Lite does try to use a bunch of modules and then falls back to roll-yer-own stuff if it cant find them. (Not my call, I probably wouldnt have done it that way myself, *shrug*) But you _shouldnt_ have been seeing the errors you did. Which is why i assume there is something strange about your setup. Please feel free to email me with more details so i can look into it closer if you do continue to experience problems. But please ensure you upgrade and check the various bits and bobs are up to date first. Also dont forget to send me your perl version, OS version and version of the module itself and any of the other modules that MIME::Lite uses.


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        Just the other day I was seeing if MIME::Lite would use an authenticated SMTP server. It didn't seem to so I left it. I'd be willing to Beta trial 3.01_03 MIME::Lite if it includes ability to do this. I use it daily generally for Business. Since I'm going to re-install MIME::Lite anyway to try to fix the above, can just use this version.

        Pl. confirm: 3.01 release didn't do this but 3.01_03 does?

        Having trouble using reply messagy thing on PerlMonks (one line only?) so resorting to replying here. Pl. just email me viz: james at