in reply to Super Seach Link on SOPW

I don't know the internals about how Super Search handles the indexing of nodes or massaging of query terms. I do have a hunch that some newbies flail with any sort of search facility because they tend to use the wrong words for the concepts they have trouble with.

If the indexing and query handling were such that it could support an operation like "find documents similar to this one" (a common feature on google and elsewhere), then Ao's suggestion could actually be worth the effort -- in two ways.

(1) If the person is stating their problem reasonably well and using appropriate terms, a list of "similar nodes in SoPW" that comes attached to the Preview page may well give them the answer they were looking for.

(2) If the text being previewed is so vague or misstated that the "similar nodes" list contains nothing relevant, the person might get a clue that their post will raise more questions than answers. (Well, okay, that's just wishful thinking.)