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Re: Re: Re: What if mod_perl is not an option?

by z3d (Scribe)
on Feb 04, 2004 at 13:37 UTC ( #326486=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: What if mod_perl is not an option?
in thread What if mod_perl is not an option?

I just want to add my vote of reiteration on the eliminating redundant db connections. I once inherited a cgi app that took forever to load - looking at the source, I realized that part of the speed problem was that there were more than a dozen db based items, all of them run independantly of the other. And the infamous "works fine in development" didn't cut it - dev only had 3 users, vs a few hundred thousand a day in the real world.

"I have never written bad code. There are merely unanticipated features."
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