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How many tk objects are you keeping in memory?

Are you using some kind of a virtual tree control, one that doesn't keep all objects in memory?

On my machine, Scrolled doesn't like more than ~1300 buttons, I don't care why

#!/usr/bin/perl -- use strict; use warnings; use Tk; Main( @ARGV ); exit( 0 ); sub Main { gogogo( shift || 6_200 ); } sub gogogo { my( $max ) = @_; my $mw = tkinit; for my $ix ( 1 .. 3 ){ my $button = $mw->Button( -text => "Make $max" )->pack; my $frame = $mw->Scrolled('Frame')->pack(qw/ -expand 1 -fill +both /); $button->configure( -command => [ \&makesome, $frame , $max ] +); } $mw->MainLoop; } sub makesome { my( $frame , $max ) = @_; $frame->Busy; my $button = $Tk::event->W ; $button->configure( qw/ -state disabled /); $button->update; $frame->update; my $time = time; print "$frame ( $max ) $time\n"; for my $ix( 0 .. $max ){ my $button = $frame->Button( -text => $ix )->pack; $button->configure( qw/ -state disabled /); } $frame->update; $frame->Unbusy; my $time2 = time; print "$frame ( $max ) $time2 #### $time2 - $time = @{[ $time2 - $ +time ]}\n"; return; }

But FWIW, Firefox doesn't like a lot of buttons either, and frankly, that many actual button objects is too many -- same as displaying 1000 search results, for human not to go insane, you have to pageinate

Devel::NYTprof to find bottle necks, code review to find thinko-s, and prototyping to figure out limits, try out cheap fixes... code review suspect widgets ... repeat

Why so slow when using Perl/Tk?, Tk::Table too slow. Alternatives ?, Why is wxPerl slower than Win32GUI?, Comparing Tcl::Tk and perlTk WRT speed,

Virtual grid widget, Tcl Performance / Tk Performance


In reply to Re: perl tk mainwindow capability (virtual tree widget, huge amounts of data, pageination) by Anonymous Monk
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