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Thanks. A couple of comments:
  • Checking for Dump/Load is prudent, but all of the listed YAML modules implement the common Dump/Load API, so I don't think it's absolutely necessary.
  • The check for Dump/Load in your last version assumes the included module uses @EXPORT. I wouldn't rely on that, as there are alternates to Exporter which don't use that, and while these modules might currently use it, that behavior is not in the API. If they switch to something else, this'll break.

    A better way might be to perform an explicit import, e.g. something like

    eval { $yaml_class->import( 'Dump'); 1; } or croak( "Can't find Dump in $yaml_class\n" );
    or, if you can trust that the function isn't AUTOLOADED, look at the module's namespace for the function
    Package::Stash->new( $yaml_class )->has_symbol( '&Dump' ) or croak( "Can't find Dump in $yaml_class\n" );
    The only foolproof method is to just wait for a runtime error:
    my $Dump = $yaml_class . "::Dump"; [... later in the code ...] my $var = eval { &$Dump(...) } or croak( "bad return or Dump not imple +mented\n" );
There's also another problem, which I didn't recognize until late last night (and didn't get around to posting about before your reply), namely that if there's a YAML module already loaded, it should use that. I've updated the OP above to illustrate my current code.

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