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Looks like not the OP's (i.e. davidfilmer) case, but, sadly, libtiff shipped with Strawberry Perl generates warnings as ugly pop-up GUI modal boxes, requiring user interaction to dispose. Therefore, without recompilation, the solution with Capture::Tiny won't work.

On the other hand, libtiff provides a TIFFSetWarningHandler function just for customizing error reporting. It is not exposed by the Perl wrapper, but adding that feature shouldn't be too difficult.

Ah, then I can do it:

use strict; use warnings; use Graphics::TIFF; my $fn = 'TIFF01.TIF'; # a file known to generate # a warning (as shown below) DummyTiffLogger::init(); Graphics::TIFF-> Open( $fn, 'r' ) for 1..5; package DummyTiffLogger { sub logMessage { my $s = shift; printf "message logged: <%s>\n", $s } use Inline C => Config => LIBS => '-ltiff'; use Inline C => <<'END_OF_C'; #define BUFSIZE 1024 void _log(char* m, char* fmt, va_list ap) { char* buf; int len; SV* sv; Newxz(buf, BUFSIZE, char); len = vsprintf(buf, fmt, ap); Renew(buf, len + 1, char); sv = newSV(0); sv_usepvn_flags(sv, buf, len, SV_SMAGIC | SV_HAS_TRAILING_NUL); dSP; ENTER; SAVETMPS; PUSHMARK(SP); XPUSHs(sv_2mortal(sv)); PUTBACK; call_pv("DummyTiffLogger::logMessage", G_DISCARD); FREETMPS; LEAVE; } void init() { TIFFSetWarningHandler(&_log); } END_OF_C } # package __END__ message logged: <Unknown field with tag 32781 (0x800d) encountered> message logged: <Unknown field with tag 32781 (0x800d) encountered> message logged: <Unknown field with tag 32781 (0x800d) encountered> message logged: <Unknown field with tag 32781 (0x800d) encountered> message logged: <Unknown field with tag 32781 (0x800d) encountered>

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