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Why? Those "official" counts only count the written word. We often use a different vocabulary when communicating verbally. Some authors intentionally limit their written vocabulary to make their works accessible to a broader public.

Cursing and other emotional expressions can often emphasize specific meanings of things said. The written equivalent in modern internet terms would be emoticons. Insofar as the Unicode consortium is concerned, these count as written expressions that are meaningful to the context of the discussion.

It also depends on the cultural context and the circumstances as to when and what forms of cursing are acceptable or sometimes even required in a conversation. English speakers, and especially people in the United States, are much more prudent, compared to some other cultures. There are many groups out there that look to as outsider if you don't use a very frank and curseword-ridden way to talk to them. So, if you want to be accepted as equal (for example, because you need them on your project), you better have to learn their way of communicating - there shorthands, their curses, whathaveyou.

It's a bit like driving a vehicle. You have areas in the world where everything is very regulated and everyone keeps to the rules. Than you have the seemingly chaotic i-honked-first-so-i-go-first way it works in other areas of the world. If you go there and rent a car, you better learn their ways and honk that horn.

It's the same way with politicians. They may have voters from different cultural regions and context. So politicians better all those different ways their voters communicate and adapt when visiting the region. "I am one of you" is a big vote seller. But this might not reflect in a politicians writing and official speeches.

As for Adenauer, a lot of his potential voters were soldiers and people from many different cultural groups. I'm pretty sure he took the time to adapt his vocabulary when meeting with local groups. But as i said, this might not reflect in his publications, as they were for a much broader public.

Edit: Also take time to watch the Tom Scott video "What counts as a word?"

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