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Hey, I'm basically trying to output a excel spreadsheet and filter 2 columns of data, in this code I'm trying to just start off with filtering one column of data which is phone numbers if the phone numbers aren't 10 I export it to a new sheet. I need some help, it works, doesn't filter properly filters some of the data and it seems like it splits my list in too many ways. It halves the list and then outputs some of the data but not all of the incorrect data that. (a paragraph)

use strict; use warnings; use Excel::Writer::XLSX; use DBI; use Time::Piece; use Math::Round; ##$dbhA = DBI->connect("DBI:mysql:$VARDB_database:$VARDB_server:$VARD +B_port", "$VARDB_user", "$VARDB_pass") #or die "Couldn't connect to database: " . DBI->errstr; ##$stmt="SELECT t1.postal_code, t1.state FROM asterisk.vicidial_list +t1 inner join asterisk.vicidial_state vu on vu.state=t1.state order b +y state desc;"; #$sth = $dbhA->prepare($stmt) or die "preparing: ",$dbhA->errstr; #$sth->execute or die "executing: $stmt ", $dbhA->errstr; #$sthrows=$sth->rows; my $rowCount = 0; my $filename = "File.xlsx"; my $workbook = Excel::Writer::XLSX->new( $filename ); open(FH, "<", "Source_173_DEBT_10_31_2022_1.csv" ) or die; my $worksheet = $workbook->add_worksheet('List'); my $worksheet2 = $workbook->add_worksheet('List2'); my $format = $workbook->add_format(); $format->set_center_across(); $worksheet->set_column( 0, 0, 20 ); $worksheet->write(0, 0, "source_id" ); $worksheet->write(0, 1, "first_name" ); $worksheet->write(0, 2, "middle" ); $worksheet->write(0, 3, "last_name" ); $worksheet->write(0, 4, "address1" ); $worksheet->write(0, 5, "city"); $worksheet->write(0, 6, "state"); $worksheet->write(0, 7, "postal_code"); $worksheet->write(0, 8, "phone_number"); $worksheet->write(0, 9, "address3"); $worksheet->write(0, 10,"province"); $worksheet->write(0, 11, "email"); my $rowCount1 = my $rowCount2 = 0; while (<FH>){ my @t= split(',',<FH>); #my @ary = $t->fetchrow_array; ### if(length($t[7]) == 10) FOR one singular if statement matc +hing 10 characters # Instead of 2 statements in one for less than or Greater than + 10 > 10 || < 10 if (length($t[8]) == 10) { $worksheet2->write($rowCount1+1, 0, $t[0]); $worksheet2->write($rowCount1+1, 1, $t[1]); $worksheet2->write($rowCount1+1, 2, $t[2]); $worksheet2->write($rowCount1+1, 3, $t[3]); $worksheet2->write($rowCount1+1, 4, $t[4]); $worksheet2->write($rowCount1+1, 5, $t[5]); $worksheet2->write($rowCount1+1, 6, $t[6]); $worksheet2->write($rowCount1+1, 7, $t[7]); $worksheet2->write($rowCount1+1, 8, $t[8]); $worksheet2->write($rowCount1+1, 9, $t[9]); $worksheet2->write($rowCount1+1, 10, $t[10]); $worksheet2->write($rowCount1+1, 11, $t[11]); $rowCount1++; } else { $worksheet->write($rowCount2+1, 0, $t[0]); $worksheet->write($rowCount2+1, 1, $t[1]); $worksheet->write($rowCount2+1, 2, $t[2]); $worksheet->write($rowCount2+1, 3, $t[3]); $worksheet->write($rowCount2+1, 4, $t[4]); $worksheet->write($rowCount2+1, 5, $t[5]); $worksheet->write($rowCount2+1, 6, $t[6]); $worksheet->write($rowCount2+1, 7, $t[7]); $worksheet->write($rowCount2+1, 8, $t[8]); $worksheet->write($rowCount2+1, 9, $t[9]); $worksheet->write($rowCount2+1, 10, $t[10]); $worksheet->write($rowCount2+1, 11, $t[11]); $rowCount2++; } $rowCount++; } $workbook->close(); print $rowCount1.'-'.$rowCount2.'-'.$rowCount close(FH);
I have a list of 10610 based on my rowCount it looks like it splits it, 5298-7-5305, I see 5298 and 7, 7 is the bad data output, but the rest is missing. I think its because I used split with file handler. I would think if the reading is the issue you could inner join the 2 data sheets

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