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Hello Polyglot,

I'm not sure if this will buy you any improvements, but you might try the qr operator. You might even already be using qr depending on what &composeRegex returns.

Quoting from the documentation:


This operator quotes (and possibly compiles) its STRING as a regular expression. STRING is interpolated the same way as PATTERN in m/PATTERN/.

I think this example (also from the documentation) gives a good idea of what is possible.

my $sentence_rx = qr{ (?: (?<= ^ ) | (?<= \s ) ) # after start-of-string or # whitespace \p{Lu} # capital letter .*? # a bunch of anything (?<= \S ) # that ends in non- # whitespace (?<! \b [DMS]r ) # but isn't a common abbr. (?<! \b Mrs ) (?<! \b Sra ) (?<! \b St ) [.?!] # followed by a sentence # ender (?= $ | \s ) # in front of end-of-string # or whitespace }sx; local $/ = ""; while (my $paragraph = <>) { say "NEW PARAGRAPH"; my $count = 0; while ($paragraph =~ /($sentence_rx)/g) { printf "\tgot sentence %d: <%s>\n", ++$count, $1; } }

I hope this helps, even if only a little.



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