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I just switched to Windows 8 with Strawberry perl.

So I installed a couple of modules via Stawberry perls cpan, and Im getting errors and warning left and right.

As an example, I am trying to hook up a LeapMotion to perl using the company provided Device::Leap, and get errors like:

Use of uninitialized value $BUFF in string eq at C:/Strawberry/perl/si +te/lib/Device/ line 40. substr outside of string at C:/Strawberry/perl/site/lib/Device/ + line 115.

Which seems odd, considering that that module is not doing anything fancy - just a bit of socket reading. The authors even explicitly turned on warnings and strict, so they would have seen these errors, too.

Even more shockingly, Im trying to talk to an Arduino using Win32::SerialPort, and I get errors like:

Second Write attempted before First is done at line 55. Use of uninitialized value $written in numeric ne (!=) at C:/Strawberr +y/perl/site/lib/Win32/ line 1580.

Apart from the fact that serial communications arent working, the "uninitialized value" error seems out-of place for such a popular module.

On a hunch, I tried running the same programs from an elevated command window, but I get the same errors.

Is there something I am missing? Is this a Win8.1 issue? Some new perl version thing?

Edit: For future readers: Most of the issues seem to have disappeared after I switched to 32-bit Strawberry perl. Seems that Win32::SerialPort doesnt like 64bit perl. I would've thought that that isn't an issue anymore, but it is.

In reply to Strange errors in CPAN modules when running on Windows 8.1 by schweini

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