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I hope my perl script can run faster, however it should not eat up all the CPU resouce.

Why shouldn't it use all the CPU resource? What are you saving it for?

Essentially what I'm saying here is that cpu resource is time; and time inexorably moves forward; you cannot save it for later; so unused CPU is essentially wasted cpu that you can never recover. Your processor should either be running as close to 100% as your workload permits; or it should be idle because you have nothing to do. Trying to restrain it to say 75% or whatever; doesn't achieve anything not even energy savings.

Perhaps what you are concerned with is that you want to ensure that some other, sporadic processes will have an opportunity to run concurrently with this workload when they need to?

If so, the proper way to deal with that is not to try an 'reserve' some cpu; but rather to run this workload at a lower priority than the sporadic workload(s) so that you make full use of the cpu for this workload when can; whilst ensuring that those sporadic workloads will get a look in when they need it.

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