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Also, you can get breathtakingly high accuracy (about 1 mm) on the position of the moon by using JPL's high-accuracy ephemeris. The catch is that the fit polynomials are only good for a few days at a time, so you need a big database to cover any significant length of time.
{ # Time in Julian days since Jan 1 2000 12:00 GMT my $T = (time() - 946728000) / (24 * 60 * 60); my ($xm, $ym, $zm) = calc_position($T, 6439.5, 6443.5, [-0.2576477260382208e6, -0.1244143318652203e6, 0.157149496430333 +8e5, 0.1128910971393731e4, -0.1026042752851206e3, -0.3344243625567091 +e1, 0.5108570281514203, 0.7273850253892471e-2, -0.2976495487727882e- +2, -0.1508820799631562e-4, 0.1988387208061850e-4, -0.99448295755443 +34e-7, -0.1420192252858349e-6], [0.2161347296153234e6, -0.1235954423872278e6, -0.133633064276375 +8e5, 0.1347907704333395e4, 0.6144497680180469e2, -0.6876023550099470e +1, -0.1365228336729124, 0.3626374756466881e-1, 0.2847434884414048e- +3, -0.2277001670510105e-3, 0.2675604082417520e-6, 0.158232148064080 +5e-5, -0.1939924674109133e-7], [0.8988317387937439e5, -0.3579858449186091e5, -0.554716617427666 +7e4, 0.4032955946240293e3, 0.2725379907222771e2, -0.2195153465571546e +1, -0.7682906296761302e-1, 0.1217607039333434e-1, 0.270238930850790 +9e-3, -0.7822887028838594e-4, -0.1051459145053017e-5, 0.55540570861312 +47e-6, 0.1433643809289891e-8]); } sub calc_position { # Evaluate Chebyshev polynomials to get x,y,z position my ($T, $Tstart, $Tend, $xpoly, $ypoly, $zpoly) = @_; die 'time out of range' if $T < $Tstart || $T > $Tend; my $t = ($T - $Tstart) / ($Tend - $Tstart) * 2 - 1; my $x = $xpoly->[0] + $xpoly->[1] * $t; my $y = $ypoly->[0] + $ypoly->[1] * $t; my $z = $zpoly->[0] + $zpoly->[1] * $t; my $T0 = 1; my $T1 = $t; $t *= 2; for my $i (2 .. $#$xpoly) { ($T1, $T0) = ($t*$T1 - $T0, $T1); $x += $T1 * $xpoly->[$i]; $y += $T1 * $ypoly->[$i]; $z += $T1 * $zpoly->[$i]; } return ($x, $y, $z); }

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