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Here we have a piece of seriusly injured code, thank heavens we have the comments so we can repair it!
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; $_ = "A silly obfuscation:"; # Something to start with. $ # A buck for your thoughts? 0=0 # Yes, obviusly it is... ;$ # Got it backwards? _="utaohrpr akr"; # Special variable, filled with gib +berish? map # Sure could use one here. {$,.='$'.++$0.$_} # Anonymous Hash? split # I'm about to... '' # An empty string? ;$ # Again?! _= # The gibberich here? "Dog and Pony" # Hey, that is me! ;$"=" # Can you quote an assignment? Js nte elhce # Barewords allowed? ";$" # Interpolating backwards var? =~s # For my tilde POD? / + # \w* ?\w* ?\w* ?\w* ?\w*\?//g;# Division plus a match inside '#'s +? ;s # Oops, should be a dollar, not 's' +? /$_/ # Matches itself? $"/ # Unterminated String constant? ;s # Same mistake again? / + # \w* ?\w* ?\w* ?\w* ?\w*\?//g;# Vaguely familiar....? $0=".";$" # Program is now current dir and ou +r special var? =~ # Another, but empty tilde POD? s/($0)/($1)/g; # Replacing our program with itself +? eval("s/\n$\"/$,/"); # Always, always use an eval in an +obfu! :) print; # Now, what did we get...?
This is also my very first real try at something like this, so I am a bit anxious to hear what you all think?

In reply to Well commented obfuscation: by Dog and Pony

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