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#!/usr/bin/perl # # # # Revision: 0.4 # Author: #include # License: GPL # # Creates a "hash" link for use with the # eDonkey2000 network, and prints it to # STDOUT. Works as both a commandline tool # and as a GUI tool. If the script is passed # a list of filenames as arguments, it will # print a link for each file to STDOUT. # If the script is run with NO arguments, # it starts in GUI mode. A Tk dialog will # pop up and ask for a filename. The file's # Ed2K link is printed to STDOUT. # # Usage: # # COMMANDLINE MODE # $ perl > finishe +d_hash.txt # # GUI MODE # $ perl # use Digest::MD5; use strict; my $text; if ($#ARGV >= 0 ) { foreach my $fname (@ARGV) { print make_ed2k_link($fname); } } else { # Start up the GUI use Tk; my $mw = MainWindow->new(); $mw->title(""); $mw->Label(-text=>"Please enter a filename to hash:")->pack(-fill=>' +x'); $mw->Entry(-width => 25, -textvariable, \$text)->pack(-anchor => 'nw +',-fill=>'x'); $mw->Button(-text => "OK", -command => \&do_hash ) ->pack(-side => 'top', -anchor => 'nw',-fill=>'x'); $mw->Button(-text => "Cancel", -command => sub { exit }) ->pack(-side => 'top', -anchor => 'nw',-fill=>'x'); MainLoop; } sub do_hash { print make_ed2k_link($text); exit; } sub make_ed2k_link { my($fname)=@_; my $ctx = Digest::MD5->new; open(TFILE,"<$fname") or die "Can't open target file ($fname)."; $ctx->addfile(*TFILE); close TFILE; my $fhash = $ctx->hexdigest; my $fsize = -s $fname; return "ed2k://|file|$fname|$fsize|$fhash|\n"; }

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