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I'm trying to make a vary simple but flexible script to read the number a files in a directory and output the current, previous, and next items with the previous and next items check to make sure they stay within the total number of files. It would be used to make a web page where you can browse pictures but since most of the coding is done in the template I assume it could be used to view just about any sequentially numbered set of files. Any pointers on making it better/faster/more virsatile?
#!/usr/bin/perl -w ## Modules and setup use CGI; use HTML::Template; ## check perldoc HTML::Template for more informati +on use strict; $CGI::POST_MAX=1024 * 1; # max 1k post $CGI::DISABLE_UPLOADS = 1; # No uploads ## Setup vars my $ThisScript = 'pictureview.cgi'; my ($q) = new CGI; my $DisplayPicture; my $DirPath; ## Check for picture peram if ($q->param('Picture')) { $DisplayPicture = ($q->param('Picture'))*1; } else { $DisplayPicture = 1; } ## Count number of files. my @LFiles = (); opendir (DIR, "./"); @LFiles = grep {not /^(\.\.?|template\.html|pictureview\.cgi)$/} readdir(DIR); closedir (DIR); my $TotalFiles = $#LFiles + 1; ## Correct to first file = 1 my $PreviousPicture; my $NextPicture; ## ## Make sure numbers are good (Bounds checking) ## if ($DisplayPicture == 0) { $DisplayPicture = 1;} if ($DisplayPicture > $TotalFiles) { $DisplayPicture = 1;} if ($DisplayPicture == 1) { $PreviousPicture = $TotalFiles; } else { $PreviousPicture = $DisplayPicture - 1; } if ($DisplayPicture == $TotalFiles) { $NextPicture = 1;} else { $NextPicture = $DisplayPicture + 1; } ## Load template my $Template = HTML::Template->new(filename => "./template.html"); ## Insert vars into template $Template->param('PreviousPicture' => "$PreviousPicture"); $Template->param('PictureToView' => "$DisplayPicture"); $Template->param('NextPicture' => "$NextPicture"); ## Print Header and Template print $q->header, $Template->output(); ## Bye exit;
P.S. I'm positive this has been done before but what the heck I can make one as too.

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