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#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use WWW::Mechanize; use URI::URL; use POSIX; use HTML::Entities qw( encode_entities ); # Bulk node retitler my ($old,$new,$node_id) = @ARGV; die "Need the part to look for" unless $old; die "Need something to replace it with " unless defined $new; die "Need a node id" unless $node_id; $old = qr/$old/; my $agent = WWW::Mechanize->new(); $agent->env_proxy(); my ($user,$password) = ($ENV{PERLMONKS_USER},$ENV{PERLMONKS_PASS}); die "No Perlmonks password found" unless $password; die "No Perlmonks user found" unless $user; # Login and get the node-to-be-retitled $agent->get("$node_id"); $agent->form(2); $agent->current_form->value('user', $user); $agent->current_form->value('passwd', $password ); $agent->current_form->value('expires', '+10y'); $agent->click('login'); die "No title found in node $node_id\n" unless $agent->content =~ m!<title>\s*(.+?)\s*</title>!ism; my $fulltitle = $1; my @links = @{$agent->links}; my $counter = -1; my @node_ids = map { $counter++; ($_->[1] =~ m!^(?:Re(\^\d+)?:\s*)*\Q$fulltitle\E! +i and $_->[0] =~ m!^(?:/\?node_id=(\d+)$!i) ? $1 : () } @links; my $history = sprintf "<p><small>%s Edit by [%s]: Changed title from ' +%s'</small></p>", strftime('%Y%m%d',gmtime()),$user, encode_entities($ +fulltitle); retitle_node($node_id,$old,$new,$history); retitle_node($_,$old,$new) for (@node_ids); sub retitle_node { my ($node_id,$old,$new,$history) = @_; $agent->get(sprintf ' +ditors;node_id=%s', $node_id); $agent->form(2); my $old_title = $agent->current_form->value('update_title'); my $new_title = $old_title; $new_title =~ s!$old!$new!; if ($new_title ne $old_title) { warn "Retitling $old_title to $new_title\n"; $agent->current_form->value('update_title', $new_title); if ($history) { my $doctext = $agent->current_form->value('update_doctext') . $h +istory; $agent->current_form->value('update_doctext', $doctext); }; $agent->current_form->value('blah','update'); $agent->click('blah'); # Maybe also /msg the respective user ... }; $agent->follow_link( text => 'display'); };

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