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#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Carp; use ExtUtils::MakeMaker; use File::Find qw(find); $|++; sub get_module_name { my ($path, $relative_to) = @_; local $_ = $path; s!\A\Q$relative_to\E/?!!; s! \.p(?:m|od) \z!!x; s!/!::!g; return $_; } sub get_module_description { my ($file) = @_; open my $pod, "<", $file or (warn("\tCannot open $file: $!"), return); local $_; local $/ = ''; while (<$pod>) { if (/=head\d\s+NAME/) { $_ = <$pod>; return unless $_; # $_ may be undefined chomp; s/ \A .*? - \s+ //sx; tr/\n/ /; return $_; } } return; } sub get_module_version { local $_; # MM->parse_version is naughty my $vers_code = MM->parse_version($File::Find::name) || ''; return eval $vers_code || undef; } my %visited; if(@ARGV) { if($ARGV[0] eq '-h') { print while <DATA>; exit; } shift if $ARGV[0] eq '--'; } else { @ARGV = @INC; } for my $inc_dir (sort { length $b <=> length $a } @ARGV) { find({ wanted => sub { return unless /\.p(?:m|od)\z/ && -f; my $module = get_module_name($File::Find::name, $inc_dir) +; my $version = get_module_version($_); my $desc = get_module_description($_); $version = defined $version ? "($version)" : ""; $desc = defined $desc ? "- $desc" : ""; print join (" ", $module, grep $_, $version, $desc), "\n"; }, preprocess => sub { my ($dev, $inode) = stat $File::Find::dir or return; $visited{"$dev:$inode"}++ ? () : @_; }, }, $inc_dir); } __DATA__ Usage: pmdesc2 [-h] [--] [dir [dir dir ...]] Options: -h print this cruft If no parameters given, searches @INC

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