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Without trying to speak for autrijus, could it be that his expertise lies in Haskell and and not C/make etc.

It also strikes me that given the impressive pace of his amazing work on Pugs, that maybe using a language with built in memory management; sensible & powerful built-in datatypes; coherent, cross-platform libraries; allows him to concentrate on the details of the task at hand rather than futzing with malloc()/free() et al.

C maybe the only game in town for the level of cross-platform support required by Parrot (though I think that there is another contender for that also), but for the Perl6 compiler--and certainly the first cut of it--is there any reason not to use Haskell?

Especially given that:

GHC compiles Haskell code either by using an intermediate C compiler (GCC), or by generating native code on some platforms.

Which in my ignorance I take to mean that GHC, and therefore Haskell, and therefore Pugs should run anywhere GCC runs.

If true, that would be a huge stepping stone. Especially if it is possible to intercept the generated C sources and compile and distribute them separately? I guess that there would dependancies upon some GHC libraries involved that might complicate that though?

Even though generated sources can be a pain for humans to deal with, it might provide a starting point for a non-GHC dependant "native" build of the Perl6 compiler?

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