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There's sure no better way to "become one" with a program, putting yourself "in its shoes" than running it inside an interactive debugger.

You might also like these tips and tricks;

  • Putting the line kill 2, $$ will cause the debugger to break at that point in the source (on Unix, anyway). This works by emulating pressing Ctrl+C (it's the interrupt signal). This is great for setting breakpoints deep down in your code.
  • If you ever turn strings into real functions via eval, then make sure to add a 'magic line number comment': eg,
    sub some_auto_generated_function { my $self = shift; # line 1 "some/" print $self->frop; # line 7 "" }
    If you do this, the emacs debugger will correctly step through the right source files. Sadly, though, the old interactive debugger doesn't actually display the source properly.
  • Devel::ebug is a brand new debugger that doesn't have a lot of the limitations of the old debugger, in particular the segfaults, but instead brings a whole lot more new Storable related ones! Joy! But, anyway, this debugger is client/server with a very lightweight in-program "server", so you can debug remote programs. If you could write an emacs-compatible communication layer for it, you could bring this debugging to the "next level" of perl debuggers, which might include the debugger for Perl 6.
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