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Hmm. Probably not memory then.

I took a quick scan of the code in Mail::Box::Manager and notice something that might be relevant. I the code for M::B::M::open(), I see this:

return if $require_failed{$class};

and scanning back to see where $require_failed is being set and see this:

unless($folder_type) { # Try to autodetect foldertype. foreach (@{$self->{MBM_folder_types}}) { next unless $_; (my $abbrev, $class, @defaults) = @$_; next if $require_failed{$class}; eval "require $class"; if($@) { $require_failed{$class}++; next; } if($class->foundIn($name, @defaults, %args)) { $folder_type = $abbrev; last; } } }

I may be misinterpreting the code, but it looks to me that if it attempts to auto detect the folder type and then fails to require the module for the folder type it detects, it sets the flag to indicate the failure and skips on without logging an error. Then later, it checks the flag and if it is set, fails silently returning undef.

Could it be misdetecting the folder type and failing silently as a result?

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