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Using DoOneEvent() with DONT_WAIT inside your get() sub allows the window to be built and updated in real time. (I've simulated your module with a random sleep)

use strict; #use mship; use Tk qw[ MainLoop DoOneEvent DONT_WAIT ]; my $host; $|++; my $mainwindow = new Tk::MainWindow(); my $text = $mainwindow->Scrolled( "Text", -scrollbars => 'se' )->pack( -expand => 1 , -fill => 'both' ); for ( 0 .. 53 ) { DoOneEvent( DONT_WAIT ) for 1 .. 100; ## process pending events; get($_); } # create a closebutton my $button = $mainwindow->Button( -text => "close", -command => sub{ $mainwindow->destroy() } )->pack(); # start the main loop! MainLoop; sub get { sleep rand 3; my $remote_name = "remote: $_[ 0 ]"; my $stats= rand() > 0.5 ? "Up" : "Down"; $text->insert( 'end', "$remote_name is $stats\n"); }

My choice of  for 1 .. 100; is somewhat arbitrary. It would be nice if you could say DoPendingEvents() or DoOneEvent() while EventsPending();, but I never found anything like that.

Update: Wadda ya know--seems DoPendingEvents() is called update():

use strict; #use mship; use Tk; my $host; $|++; my $mainwindow = new Tk::MainWindow(); my $text = $mainwindow->Scrolled( "Text", -scrollbars => 'se' )->pack( -expand => 1 , -fill => 'both' ); for ( 0 .. 53 ) { $mainwindow->update; get($_); } my $button = $mainwindow->Button( -text => "close", -command => sub{ $mainwindow->destroy() } )->pack(); MainLoop; sub get { sleep rand 3; my $remote_name = "remote: $_[ 0 ]"; my $stats= rand() > 0.5 ? "Up" : "Down"; $text->insert( 'end', "$remote_name is $stats\n"); }

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