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( #3333=superdoc: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

What version of FoxPro are you trying to automate?

The MSDN document you probably want to start with is "Accessing the Visual FoxPro API": VFP 7.0, VFP 8.0, VFP 9.0.

Look in the Samples/API directory under your FoxPro installation for the "pro_ext.h" file, which contains information about all the data structures and API calls you are likely to need. VFP 7.0's looks like this:

//+------------------------------------------------------------------- +------- // // File: pro_ext.h // // Copyright: (c) 1999, Microsoft Corporation. // All Rights Reserved. // Information Contained Herein is Proprietary // and Confidential. // // Contents: API Header for the Library Construction Kit // // Notes: // //-------------------------------------------------------------------- +------- #ifndef PRO_EXT_INCLUDED #define PRO_EXT_INCLUDED #if defined(_MSC_VER) #pragma pack(push, 1) // Assume byte structure packing #endif #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { // Assume C declarations for C++ #endif #define MAC_API 0 // // Semi-portable way to deal with 'far' pointers // #ifndef FAR #if !defined(_WIN32) #define FAR #endif #endif // FAR // // Global Defines: // #ifndef GLOBAL_INCLUDED #if !defined(_MT) || !defined(_DLL) #error The /MD or /MDd compiler switch (Multithreaded Using DLL) i +s required. #endif // // Microsoft C for Windows // #pragma pack(push, pro_ext2) #include <windows.h> #pragma pack(pop, pro_ext2) #define _far #define __far // Fastcall calling convention #define FASTCALL _fastcall typedef unsigned MHANDLE; // A memory handle. typedef long NTI; // A name table index. typedef unsigned __int64 Ticks; // A timer tick count. #define TRUE 1 #define FALSE 0 #define YES 1 #define NO 0 typedef char TEXT; #undef MAX_PATH #define MAX_PATH 261 #define MAXFILENAME MAX_PATH /* longest pathname */ #endif // GLOBAL_INCLUDED typedef unsigned MHandle; // An api memory handle (equi +valent to MHANDLE) typedef unsigned long WHandle; // A Window Handle typedef long MENUID; // A Menu id. typedef long MenuId; // A Menu id. typedef long ITEMID; // An item id. typedef long ItemId; // An item id. typedef int FCHAN; // A file I/O channel. #define SCHEMEWIDTH 11 typedef char Scheme[SCHEMEWIDTH]; // A FoxPro color scheme #ifdef GLOBAL_INCLUDED #define WHANDLE WHandle #else typedef WHandle WHANDLE; // Users can use WHANDLE #endif // // FoxWindow Defines: // #ifndef FOXWIND_INCLUDED // _WOpen() flag values: #define WCURSOR (1<<1) /* Enable the cursor + */ #define ZOOM (1<<2) /* Permit the window to be z +oomed */ #define ADJ (1<<3) /* Allow Window Size to b +e Adjusted */ #define CLOSE (1<<4) /* Permit Closing of System + Window */ #define MOVE (1<<5) /* Allow the window to be mo +ved */ #define HSCROLLBAR (1<<6) /* Show Horizontal Scrollb +ars */ #define VSCROLLBAR (1<<7) /* Show Vertical Scrollbar +s */ #define AUTOSCROLL (1<<8) /* Window should Auto scro +ll */ #define WEVENT (1<<10) /* Participates in activate/ +deact events */ #define SHADOW (1<<11) /* Window will produce a sha +dow */ #define WMODAL (1<<12) /* Window is a modal window + */ #define WMINIMIZE (1<<13) /* Window can be minimized + */ #endif // FOXWIND_INCLUDED // // FoxEvent Defines: // #ifndef FOXEVENT_INCLUDED // _FindWindow() return values. #define inBorder 0 /* In the window border regi +on */ #define inHelp 1 /* In the Help region + */ #define inContent 2 /* In the content/text regi +on */ #define inDrag 3 /* In the Drag/Title bar r +egion */ #define inGrow 4 /* In the grow/resize regi +on */ #define inGoAway 5 /* In the goAway/close regio +n */ #define inZoom 6 /* In the zoom region + */ #define inVUpArrow 7 /* In the vertical up arro +w region */ #define inVDownArrow 8 /* In the vertical down arro +w region */ #define inVPageUp 9 /* In the vertical page up +region */ #define inVPageDown 10 /* In the vertical page d +own region */ #define inVThumb 11 /* In the vertical thumb reg +ion */ #define inHUpArrow 12 /* In the horizontal up ar +row region */ #define inHDownArrow 13 /* In the horizontal down ar +row region */ #define inHPageUp 14 /* In the horizontal page u +p region */ #define inHPageDown 15 /* In the horizontal page + down region */ #define inHThumb 16 /* In the horizontal thumb r +egion */ #define inMenuBar 17 /* In the menu bar + */ // EventRec.what values #define nullEvent 0 /* Null + */ #define activateEvent 1 /* Activate window + */ #define deactivateEvent 2 /* Deactivate window + */ #define showEvent 3 /* Show window + */ #define hideEvent 4 /* Hide window + */ #define updateEvent 5 /* Redraw window + */ #define sizeEvent 6 /* Size window event + */ #define moveEvent 7 /* Move window event + */ #define closeEvent 8 /* Close window + */ #define mouseDownEvent 9 /* Left mouse down + */ #define mouseUpEvent 10 /* Left mouse up + */ #define mMouseDownEvent 11 /* Middle mouse down event + */ #define mMouseUpEvent 12 /* Middle mouse up event + */ #define rMouseDownEvent 13 /* Right mouse down event + */ #define rMouseUpEvent 14 /* Right mouse up event + */ #define mouseMoveEvent 15 /* Mouse move event + */ #define mouseWheelEvent 16 /* Mouse wheel event + */ #define keyDownEvent 17 /* Key down + */ #define hotkeyEvent 18 /* An ON KEY LABEL was pre +ssed */ #define menuInitEvent 19 /* Menu initialization event + */ #define menuUpdateEvent 20 /* Menu update required. N +o longer used */ #define menuHitEvent 21 /* Menu hit + */ #define toolbarEvent 22 /* Toolbar button hit + */ #define alarmEvent 25 /* Alarm/Timer event + */ #define zoomEvent 999 /* Not supported in Windows/ +Mac */ // EventRec.modifiers defines #define charCodeMask 0x0fff /* Character code mask + */ #define shiftCodeMask 0xf000 /* Shift key mask + */ #define shiftKey 0x1000 /* Either shift key 1 +- down */ #define ctrlKey 0x2000 /* Control key +1 - down */ #define altKey 0x4000 /* Alternate key 1 - + down */ #define literalKey 0x8000 /* This key is interpreted + literally */ // EventRec.mbState code defines #define leftButton (1<<0) /* Left button status 1 + - down */ #define rightButton (1<<1) /* Right button status + 1 - down */ #define centerButton (1<<2) /* Center button status 1 - +down */ // EventRec.mcState code defines #define posChange (1<<0) /* Position change + 1 - change */ #define leftPressed (1<<1) /* Left button pressed + 1 - pressed */ #define leftReleased (1<<2) /* Left button released + 1 - released */ #define rightPressed (1<<3) /* Right button pressed + 1 - pressed */ #define rightReleased (1<<4) /* Right button released 1 + - released */ #define centerPressed (1<<5) /* Center button pressed 1 + - pressed */ #define centerReleased (1<<6) /* Center button released +1 - released */ #endif // FOXEVENT_INCLUDED // Flag values for _InKey() #define SHOWCURSOR (1<<0) #define HIDECURSOR (1<<1) #define MOUSEACTIVE (1<<2) // Flag values for the _ALen() function enum { AL_ELEMENTS, AL_SUBSCRIPT1, AL_SUBSCRIPT2 }; // FPFI is a 32 bit pointer to a function returning an int typedef long (FAR *FPFI)(); #ifndef GLOBAL_INCLUDED typedef struct { LONG h; LONG v; } FoxPoint; #define FoxRect RECT #endif // GLOBAL_INCLUDED #if defined(_WIN32) #define Point FoxPoint #define Rect FoxRect #endif #ifndef FOXMENU_INCLUDED // Menu structure type entry definitions used by _NewMenu() #define MPOPUP 1 /* Menu is a POPUP type men +u */ #define MPAD 2 /* Menu is a PAD type menu + */ #define MBAR 3 /* Menu is a BAR type menu + */ #endif // FOXMENU_INCLUDED // These are the API identifiers for the System Menu Constants. enum { _LASTITEM = -2, _FIRSTITEM, _SYSMENU, _SYSMSYSTEM, _SYSMFILE, _SYSMEDIT, _SYSMDATA, _SYSMRECORD, _SYSMPR +OG, _SYSMWINDOW, _SYSMVIEW, _SYSMTOOLS, _SYSMFORMAT, _SYSTEM, _SYSTEMABOUT, _SYSTEMHELP, _SYSTEMMACRO, _SYSTEMSEP100, _SYSTEMFIL +ER, _SYSTEMCALC, _SYSTEMDIARY, _SYSTEMSPECIAL, _SYSTEMASCII, _SYSTEMCAPTURE, _SYSTEMPUZZLE, _SYSTEMTECHSUPPORT, _SYSTEMOFFICE, +_SYSTEMSEP200, _SYSTEMSEP300, _SYSTEMHELPSRCH, _SYSTEMHELPHOWTO, _SYSTEMDBASE, _FILE, _FILENEW, _FILEOPEN, _FILECLOSE, _FILECLOSEALL, _FILESEP100, _FILE +SAVE, _FILESAVEAS, _FILEREVERT, _FILESEP200, _FILESETUP, _FILEPRINT, _FI +LEOSPRINT, _FILEPRINTONECOPY, _FILESEP300, _FILEQUIT, _FILEPRINTPREVIEW, _ +FILEPAGESETUP, _FILEIMPORT, _FILEEXPORT, _FILESEP400, _FILESEND, _EDIT, _EDITUNDO, _EDITREDO, _EDITSEP100, _EDITCUT, _EDITCOPY, _EDITPASTE +, _EDITCLEAR, _EDITSEP200, _EDITSELECTALL, _EDITSEP300, _EDITGOTO, _EDITFIND, _EDITFINDAGAIN, _EDITREPLACE, _EDITREPLACEALL, _EDITSEP +400, #if 0 _EDITBUILDEXPR, _EDITEXECUTEBLOCK, _EDITSEP600, #endif _EDITPREF, _DATA, _DATASETUP, _DATABROWSE, _DATASEP100, _DATAAPPEND, _DATACOPY, _DAT +ASORT, _DATATOTAL, _DATASEP200, _DATAAVERAGE, _DATACOUNT, _DATASUM, _DATA +CALCULATE, _DATAREPORT, _DATALABEL, _DATASEP300, _DATAPACK, _DATAREINDEX, _RECORD, _RECORDAPPEND, _RECORDCHANGE, _RECORDSEP100, _RECORDGOTO, _RECORDL +OCATE, _RECORDCONTINUE, _RECORDSEEK, _RECORDSEP200, _RECORDREPLACE, _RECO +RDDELETE, _RECORDRECALL, _PROG, _PROGDO, _PROGSEP100, _PROGCANCEL, _PROGRESUME, _PROGSEP200, _PROGCOMPILE, _PROGGENERATE, _PROGDOCUMENT, _PROGGRAPH, _PROGSUSPE +ND, _PROGFORMWIZARD, _WINDOW, _WINDOWHIDE, _WINDOWHIDEALL, _WINDOWSHOWALL, _WINDOWCLEAR, _WINDOW +SEP100, _WINDOWMOVE, _WINDOWSIZE, _WINDOWZOOM, _WINDOWMINMAX, _WINDOWROTAT +E, _WINDOWCOLOR, _WINDOWSEP200, _WINDOWCOMMAND, _WINDOWDEBUG, _WINDOW +TRACE, _WINDOWVIEW, _WINDOWARRANGEALL, _WINDOWTOOLBARS, _WINDOWLAYOUTS, _VIEW, _TOOLS, _TOOLSWIZARDS, _TOOLSFILLER1, _TOOLSFILLER2, _TOOLSFILLER3, _TOOLS +OPTIONS, _TOOLSDEBUGGER, _TOOLSTRACE, _TOOLSWATCH, _TOOLSLOCALS, _TOOLSDBGO +UT, _TOOLSSTACK, _TOOLSFILLER4, _REPORT, _LABEL, _BROWSE, _BROWSEMODE, _BROWSEGRID, _BROWSELINK, _BROWSECHPART, _BROWSEFILLER1, _BROWSEFONT, _BROWSESFIELD, _BROWSEMFIELD, _BROWSE +MPART, _BROWSEFILLER2, _BROWSEGOTO, _BROWSESEEK, _BROWSEDELREC, _BROWSEAP +PEND, _MACRO, _DIARY, _DAFILER, _SCREEN, _MBLDR, _MBLDRGLOBAL, _MBLDRMENUOPT, _MBLDRFILLER1, _MBLDRTRYIT, _MBLDRFIL +LER2, _MBLDRINSERT, _MBLDRDELETE, _MBLDRFILLER3, _MBLDRQUICK, _MBLDRGEN +ERATE, _PROJECT, _RQBE, _EDITPASTELINK, _EDITLINK, _EDITINSERTOBJ, _EDITCVTSTATIC, _EDITSEP500, _PROGSEP300, _TEXT, _WIZARDLIST, _WIZARDTABLE, _WIZARDQUERY, _WIZARDFORM, _WIZARDREPRT, _WIZARDLABE +L, _WIZARDMAIL, _WIZARDPIVOT, _WIZARDIMPORT, _WIZARDFOXDOC, _WIZARDSE +TUP, _WIZARDUPSIZING, _WIZARDALL, _TABLE, _TABLEPROPERTIES, _TABLEFILLER1, _TABLEGOTO, _TABLEAPPEND, _TABLEDELREC, _TABLEFILLER2, _TABLEDELETE, _TABLERECALL, _TABLESFI +ELD, _TABLEMFIELD, _TABLEMPART, _TABLEFILLER3, _TABLELINK, _TABLECHPART +, _TABLEFILLER4, _EDITOBJECT, _PROGBEAUT, _SYSTEMDOCUMENTATION, _SYSTEMSAMPLEAPPS, _MBLDRINSERTBAR, _EDITBEAUTIFY, _TOOLSBROWSER, _FOXCODE, _WEBMENU, _HELPWEBVFPFREESTUFF,_HELPWEBVFPHOMEPAGE, _HELPWEBVFPFAQ, _HELPWEBVFPONLINESUPPORT, _HELPWEBFILLER1, _HELPWEBDEVONLY, _HELPW +EBVFPSENDFEEDBACK, _HELPWEBDIRECTORY, _HELPWEBSEARCH, _HELPWEBTUTORIAL, _HELPWEBFILLER2, _HELPWEBMSFTHOM +EPAGE, // New for 6.0 (always add new ones to the end!) _WIZARDAPPLICATION, _WIZARDDATABASE, _WIZARDWEBPUBLISHING, _TOOLSGALLERY, _TOOLSCOVERAGE, _TOOLSRUNACTIVEDOC, _TOOLSOBJBROWSER, _TOOLSTASKLIST, _FILESAVEASHTML, _SYSTEMMSDNCONTENTS, _SYSTEMMSDNINDEX, _SYSTEMMSDNSEARCH, _HELPWEBMSDNONLINE, _HELPWEBVSPRODNEWS, _TOOLSDOCVIEW, _TOOLSBREAKPOINT, _EDIT_LISTMEMBERS, _EDIT_QUICKINFO, _EDIT_BOOKMARKS, _WINDOW_CASCADE, _WINDOW_DOCKABLE, _WINDOW_PROPERTIES, _BKMKTOGTASK, _BKMKTOGBKMK, _BKMKNEXT, _BKMKPREV, _SYSTEMVFPWEB, _WIZARDWEBSERVICES }; #define _BreakPoint() __asm \ { \ int 3h \ } // Alternate values for parmCount to modify how FoxPro treats the func +tion #define INTERNAL -1 /* Not callable from FoxPro + */ #define CALLONLOAD -2 /* Call when library is loaded + */ #define CALLONUNLOAD -3 /* Call when library is unloaded + */ // The FoxInfo structure contains the descriptions of the functions // contained in the library. typedef struct { char FAR * funcName; /* Function name (all caps) + */ FPFI function; /* Actual function address + */ short parmCount; /* # parameters specified or a flag + value */ char FAR * parmTypes; /* Parameter list description + */ } FoxInfo; typedef struct _FoxTable { struct _FoxTable FAR *nextLibrary; /* Linked list of libraries + */ short infoCount; /* # of functions in this library + */ FoxInfo FAR *infoPtr; /* Function list + */ } FoxTable; typedef LARGE_INTEGER CCY; // An expression's value typedef struct { char ev_type; char ev_padding; short ev_width; unsigned ev_length; long ev_long; double ev_real; CCY ev_currency; MHandle ev_handle; unsigned long ev_object; } Value; // A reference to a database or memory variable typedef struct { char l_type; short l_where, /* Database number or -1 for memory + */ l_NTI, /* Variable name table offset + */ l_offset, /* Index into database + */ l_subs, /* # subscripts specified 0 <= x <= + 2 */ l_sub1, l_sub2; /* subscript integral values + */ } Locator; // A parameter to a library function. #ifndef __Parameter_FWD_DEFINED__ #define FoxParameter Parameter #endif typedef union { Value val; Locator loc; /* An 'R' in l_type means the Locat +or */ /* part of this union is in use. + */ } FoxParameter; // A paramter list to a library function. typedef struct { short pCount; /* Number of Parameters PASSED. + */ FoxParameter p[1]; /* pCount Parameters. + */ } ParamBlk; HANDLE _GetAPIHandle(void); typedef long EDPOS; /* Editor text offset + */ typedef long EDLINE; /* Editor line number + */ #define MAXFONTNAME 64 /* Max length of a font name + */ #ifndef EDITOR_INCLUDED #define EDCOMMAND 0 #define EDSCRIP EDCOMMAND #define EDPROGRAM 1 #define EDFILE 2 #define EDMEMO 3 #define EDQUERY 6 #define EDSCREEN 7 #define EDMENU 8 #define EDVIEW 9 #define EDSNIP 10 #define EDTEXT 11 #define EDPROC 12 #define EDPROJTEXT 13 #define RO_BYFILE (0x01) /* readOnly bits + */ #define RO_BYUSER (0x02) #define RO_BYRECORD (0x04) #endif // EDITOR_INCLUDED // An editor's environment. typedef struct{ char filename[MAXFILENAME]; EDPOS length; /* #bytes in text + */ unsigned short lenLimit; /* Max allowable length. 0 = in +finite. */ unsigned short dirty, /* Has the file been changed? + */ autoIndent, /* Auto indent? + */ backup, /* Make backup files? + */ addLineFeeds, /* add line feeds when saving? + */ autoCompile, /* Shall we auto compile this thin +g? */ addCtrlZ, /* add end of file ctrl-z? + */ savePrefs, /* save edit preferences? + */ dragAndDrop, /* Allow drag-and-drop + */ readOnly, /* RO_BYFILE, RO_BYUSER, RO_BYREC +ORD */ syntaxColor, /* Syntax coloring in effect for t +his file? */ status, /* display status bar? + */ lockPrefs, /* Can update the preferences ? + */ insertMode; short wrap; /* if <0, new line at Return onl +y */ EDPOS selStart; /* Selection start + */ EDPOS selEnd; /* Selection end + */ EDPOS selAnchor; /* Selection anchor point + */ short justMode; /* Justification + */ short tabWidth; /* TAB size in spaces + */ char fontName[MAXFONTNAME]; short fontSize; short fontStyle; short kind; /* Kind of editor session + */ } EDENV; // Event record definitions typedef struct { unsigned short what; /* Event code + */ Ticks when; /* Ticks since startup + */ FoxPoint where; /* Mouse location + */ unsigned long message; /* Key/window + */ unsigned long misc; /* Event dependant misc info + */ unsigned long misc2; /* Event dependant misc inf +o */ unsigned char mbState; /* Mouse buttons state + */ unsigned char mcState; /* Mouse cond activate state + */ unsigned long modifiers; } EventRec; // Flags for the _DBStatus function #define DB_BOF 1 /* BOF() + */ #define DB_EOF 2 /* EOF() + */ #define DB_RLOCKED 4 /* Current record is RLOCKed + */ #define DB_FLOCKED 8 /* Database is FLOCKed + */ #define DB_EXCLUSIVE 16 /* Database is open EXCLUSIVEly + */ #define DB_READONLY 32 /* Database is READONLY + */ // Flag values for _DBLock() #define DBL_RECORD 0 #define DBL_FILE 1 // Flag values for the _NewVar function #define NV_PUBLIC 0 #define NV_PRIVATE 1 // Mode flag values for the __FIO function #define FIO_FGETS 0 #define FIO_FREAD 1 #define FIO_FPUTS 2 #define FIO_FWRITE 3 // Mode flag values for the _FOpen function #define FO_READONLY 0 #define FO_WRITEONLY 1 #define FO_READWRITE 2 // Mode flag values for the _FCreate function #define FC_NORMAL 0 #define FC_READONLY 1 #define FC_HIDDEN 2 #define FC_SYSTEM 4 #define FC_TEMPORARY 128 // Mode flag values for the _FSeek function #define FS_FROMBOF 0 /* From beginning of file */ #define FS_RELATIVE 1 /* From current position */ #define FS_FROMEOF 2 /* From end of file +*/ // Mode flag values for the __WStat function #define WS_TOP 0 #define WS_BOTTOM 1 #define WS_LEFT 2 #define WS_RIGHT 3 #define WS_HEIGHT 4 #define WS_WIDTH 5 #define WS_SETPORT 7 // Mode flag values for the __WControl function #define WC_CLEAR 0 #define WC_CLOSE 1 #define WC_HIDE 2 #define WC_SHOW 3 #define WC_SELECT 4 #define WC_SENDBEHIND 5 // Mode flag values for the __WAdjust function #define WA_MOVE 0 #define WA_SIZE 1 #define WA_POSCURSOR 2 // Mode flag value for the __WPort function #define WP_ONTOP 0 #define WP_OUTPUT 1 // Mode flag value for the _WZoom function #define WZ_MAXIMIZED 0 #define WZ_NORMAL 1 #define WZ_MINIMIZED 2 // Border strings for typical window borders. #define WO_DOUBLEBOX "\x0cd\x0cd\x0ba\x0ba\x0c9\x0bb\x0c8\x0bc\x0cd +\x0cd\x0ba\x0ba\x0c9\x0bb\x0c8\x0bc" #define WO_SINGLEBOX "\x0c4\x0c4\x0b3\x0b3\x0da\x0bf\x0c0\x0d9\x0c4 +\x0c4\x0b3\x0b3\x0da\x0bf\x0c0\x0d9" #define WO_PANELBORDER "\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0 +db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db\x0db" #define WO_SYSTEMBORDER "\x020\x020\x020\x020\x0fe\x0f0\x020\x0f9\x020 +\x020\x020\x020\x020\x020\x020\x020" #ifndef FOXWIND_INCLUDED // Border string offsets. #define selectBorder 0 #define deselectBorder 8 #define topEdge 0 #define bottomEdge 1 #define leftEdge 2 #define rightEdge 3 #define topLeftCorner 4 #define topRightCorner 5 #define bottomLeftCorner 6 #define bottomRightCorner 7 #define maxBorderLen 17 /* Border string length (maximum) + */ #endif // FOXWIND_INCLUDED #ifndef COLORS_INCLUDED #define BLACK_ON 0x00 /* Foreground color attributes * +/ #define BLUE_ON 0x01 #define GREEN_ON 0x02 #define CYAN_ON 0x03 #define RED_ON 0x04 #define MAGENTA_ON 0x05 #define BROWN_ON 0x06 #define WHITE_ON 0x07 #define BLACK (BLACK_ON << 4) /* Background color attributes. + */ #define BLUE (BLUE_ON << 4) #define GREEN (GREEN_ON << 4) #define CYAN (CYAN_ON << 4) #define RED (RED_ON << 4) #define MAGENTA (MAGENTA_ON << 4) #define BROWN (BROWN_ON << 4) #define WHITE (WHITE_ON << 4) #define BRIGHT 0x08 /* Intensify foreground color + */ #define BLINK 0x80 /* Blink this */ // The following values are used in the WA_ISSHADOW column of the // schemes to indicate whether the window casts a shadow. #define CASTSSHADOW (BRIGHT | BLACK_ON | BLACK) #define CASTSNOSHADOW (BRIGHT | WHITE_ON | WHITE | BLINK) // Color scheme numbers for use by _WOpen and others enum { USER_SCHEME, USERMENU_SCHEME, MBAR_SCHEME, POPUP_SCHEME, DIALOG_SCHEME, MODAL_POPUP_SCHEME, ALERT_SCHEME, WINDOW_SCHEME, NONMODAL_POPUP_SCHEME, BROWSE_SCHEME, REPORT_SCHEME, ALERT_POPUP_SCHEME }; // Color index numbers used by _WSetAttr() and _WAttr() enum { WA_PENCOLOR = -1, /* CURRENT PEN COLOR + */ WA_NORMAL, /* normal text + */ WA_ENHANCED, /* enhanced text + */ WA_BORDER, /* window border + */ WA_FOREMOST, /* title when foremost + */ WA_TITLE, /* title otherwise + */ WA_SELECTED, /* selected text + */ WA_HOTKEY, /* control hotkeys + */ WA_SHADOW, /* color of shadows that fall on this window +. */ WA_ENABLED, /* enabled control + */ WA_DISABLED, /* disabled control + */ WA_ISSHADOW /* window casts a shad + */ }; #endif // COLORS_INCLUDED // // Prototypes for the API Functions // // Streaming output routines: void FASTCALL _PutChr(int character); void FASTCALL _PutStr(char FAR *string); void FASTCALL _PutValue(Value FAR *val); // Memory management functions: MHandle FASTCALL _AllocHand(ULONG size); void FASTCALL _FreeHand(MHandle h); void FAR * FASTCALL _HandToPtr(MHandle h); void FASTCALL _HLock(MHandle h); void FASTCALL _HUnLock(MHandle h); ULONG FASTCALL _GetHandSize(MHandle h); USHORT FASTCALL _SetHandSize(MHandle h, ULONG size); BOOL FASTCALL _MemAvail(ULONG bytes); // String handling functions: int FASTCALL _StrLen(char FAR *string); void FASTCALL _StrCpy(char FAR *dest, char FAR *src); int FASTCALL _StrCmp(char FAR *string1, char FAR *string2); // Memory management functions: #if _MSC_VER #define _Alloca(size) _alloca(size) #define _MemCmp(dest, src, length) memcmp(dest, src, length) #define _MemMove(dest, src, length) memmove(dest, src, length) #define _MemFill(ptr, c, length) memset(ptr, c, length) #endif // Functions to set the return value of a library functiion: void FASTCALL _RetVal(Value FAR *val); void FASTCALL _RetChar(char FAR *string); void FASTCALL _RetInt(long ival, int width); void FASTCALL _RetFloat(double flt, int width, int dec); void FASTCALL _RetDateStr(char FAR *string); void FASTCALL _RetDateTimeStr(char FAR *string); void FASTCALL _RetLogical(int); void FASTCALL _RetCurrency(CCY money,int width); // Database Input/Output functions: long FASTCALL _DBRecNo(int workarea); long FASTCALL _DBRecCount(int workarea); int FASTCALL _DBStatus(int workarea); int FASTCALL _DBRead(int workarea, long record); int FASTCALL _DBWrite(int workarea); int FASTCALL _DBAppend(int workarea, int carryflag); long FASTCALL _DBRewind(int workarea); long FASTCALL _DBSkip(int workarea, long distance); long FASTCALL _DBUnwind(int workarea); int FASTCALL _DBReplace(Locator FAR *fld, Value FAR *val); long FASTCALL _DBSeek(Value FAR *val); int FASTCALL _DBLock(int workarea, int what); void FASTCALL _DBUnLock(int workarea); int FASTCALL _DBAppendRecords(int workarea, unsigned short nrecs, cha +r FAR *buffer); // Memo Field Input/Output functions: FCHAN FASTCALL _MemoChan(int workarea); long FASTCALL _AllocMemo(Locator FAR *fld, long size); long FASTCALL _FindMemo(Locator FAR *fld); long FASTCALL _MemoSize(Locator FAR *fld); // Memory variable manipulation functions: NTI FASTCALL _NewVar(char FAR *name, Locator FAR *loc, int flag); int FASTCALL _Release(NTI nti); int FASTCALL _Store(Locator FAR *loc, Value FAR *val); int FASTCALL _Load(Locator FAR *loc, Value FAR *val); long FASTCALL _ALen(NTI nti, int mode); int FASTCALL _FindVar(NTI nti, int where, Locator FAR *loc); NTI FASTCALL _NameTableIndex(char FAR *name); // File Input/Output: FCHAN FASTCALL __FOpen(char FAR *filename, int mode, int create); #define _FOpen(filename, mode) __FOpen(filename, mode, NO) #define _FCreate(filename, mode) __FOpen(filename, mode, YES) int FASTCALL __FFlush(FCHAN chan, int close); #define _FFlush(chan) __FFlush(chan, NO) #define _FClose(chan) __FFlush(chan, YES) int FASTCALL __FStat(FCHAN chan, int error); #define _FEOF(chan) __FStat(chan, NO) #define _FError() __FStat(0, YES) unsigned int FASTCALL __FIO(FCHAN chan, char FAR *buffer, unsigned int + maxlen, int mode); #define _FGets(chan, buffer, maxlen) __FIO(chan, buffer, maxlen, FI +O_FGETS) #define _FRead(chan, buffer, maxlen) __FIO(chan, buffer, maxlen, FI +O_FREAD) #define _FPuts(chan, buffer) __FIO(chan, buffer, 0, +FIO_FPUTS) #define _FWrite(chan, buffer, maxlen) __FIO(chan, buffer, maxlen, F +IO_FWRITE) long FASTCALL _FSeek(FCHAN chan, long position, int mode); int FASTCALL _FCHSize(FCHAN chan, long length); int FASTCALL _FCopy(FCHAN dchan, long dpos, FCHAN schan, long s +pos, long len); // User Interface routines: #define PIXELMODE 0 #define CHARMODE 1 unsigned FASTCALL __ActivateHandler(FPFI handler, short charmode); #define _ActivateHandler(handler) __ActivateHandler(handler, CH +ARMODE) #define _ActivateHandlerP(handler) __ActivateHandler(handler, P +IXELMODE) void FASTCALL _DeActivateHandler(unsigned); unsigned FASTCALL __ActivateIdle(FPFI handler, short charmode); #define _ActivateIdle(handler) __ActivateIdle(handler, CHA +RMODE) #define _ActivateIdleP(handler) __ActivateIdle(handler, PIXELM +ODE) void FASTCALL _DeActivateIdle(unsigned); int FASTCALL __GetNextEvent(EventRec FAR *event, short charmode +); #define _GetNextEvent(event) __GetNextEvent(event, CHARMODE +) #define _GetNextEventP(event) __GetNextEvent(event, PIXELMO +DE) void FASTCALL __DefaultProcess(EventRec FAR *event, short charmode) +; #define _DefaultProcess(event) __DefaultProcess(event, CHAR +MODE) #define _DefaultProcessP(event) __DefaultProcess(event, +PIXELMODE) #define _MousePos(pt) __MousePos(pt, CHARMODE) #define _MousePosP(pt) __MousePos(pt, PIXELMODE) int FASTCALL __MousePos(Point FAR *pt, int charmode); // Windowing routines: int FASTCALL __FindWindow(WHANDLE FAR *wh, Point pt, int charmo +de); void FASTCALL __GlobalToLocal(Point FAR *pt, WHANDLE wh, int charmo +de); WHANDLE FASTCALL __WOpen(int top, int left, int bottom, int right, int + flag, int scheme_num, Scheme FAR *scheme, char FAR *bord, int pix +elmode); #define _WOpenP(top, left, bottom, right, flag, scheme_num, scheme, bo +rd) __WOpen(top, left, bottom, right, flag, scheme_num, scheme, bord, + PIXELMODE) #define _WOpen(top, left, bottom, right, flag, scheme_num, scheme, bor +d) __WOpen(top, left, bottom, right, flag, scheme_num, scheme, bord, +CHARMODE) #define _GlobalToLocal(pt, wh) __GlobalToLocal(pt, wh, CHARMODE +) #define _GlobalToLocalP(pt, wh) __GlobalToLocal(pt, wh, PIXELMO +DE) #define _FindWindow(wh, pt) __FindWindow(wh, pt, CHARMODE) #define _FindWindowP(wh, pt) __FindWindow(wh, pt, PIXELMODE) #define _WTop(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_TOP, CHARMODE)) #define _WBottom(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_BOTTOM, CHARMODE)) #define _WLeft(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_LEFT, CHARMODE)) #define _WRight(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_RIGHT, CHARMODE)) #define _WHeight(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_HEIGHT, CHARMODE)) #define _WWidth(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_WIDTH, CHARMODE)) #define _WSetPort(wh) ((WHANDLE)__WStat(wh, WS_SETPORT, CHARMODE)) #define _WTopP(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_TOP, PIXELMODE)) #define _WBottomP(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_BOTTOM, PIXELMODE)) #define _WLeftP(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_LEFT, PIXELMODE)) #define _WRightP(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_RIGHT, PIXELMODE)) #define _WHeightP(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_HEIGHT, PIXELMODE)) #define _WWidthP(wh) ((unsigned)__WStat(wh, WS_WIDTH, PIXELMODE)) unsigned long FASTCALL __WStat(WHANDLE wh, int mode, int pixelmode); #define _WMove(wh, pt) __WAdjust(wh, pt, WA_MOVE, CHARMODE) #define _WSize(wh, pt) __WAdjust(wh, pt, WA_SIZE, CHARMODE) #define _WPosCursor(wh, pt) __WAdjust(wh, pt, WA_POSCURSOR, CHA +RMODE) #define _WMoveP(wh, pt) __WAdjust(wh, pt, WA_MOVE, PIXELMOD +E) #define _WSizeP(wh, pt) __WAdjust(wh, pt, WA_SIZE, PIXELMOD +E) #define _WPosCursorP(wh, pt) __WAdjust(wh, pt, WA_POSCURSOR, PIXELM +ODE) void FASTCALL __WAdjust(WHANDLE wh, Point pt, int mode, int charmod +e); void FASTCALL __WScroll(WHANDLE wh, Rect r, int dv, int dh, int cha +rmode); #define _WScroll(wh, r, dv, dh) __WScroll(wh, r, dv, dh, CHA +RMODE) #define _WScrollP(wh, r, dv, dh) __WScroll(wh, r, dv, dh, PIXELM +ODE) #define _WClearRect(wh, r) __WScroll(wh, r, 0, 0, CHARMODE) +; #define _WClearRectP(wh, r) __WScroll(wh, r, 0, 0, PIXELMOD +E); #define _WGetCursor(wh) __WGetCursor(wh, CHARMODE) #define _WGetCursorP(wh) __WGetCursor(wh, PIXELMODE) Point FASTCALL __WGetCursor(WHANDLE wh, int); void FASTCALL __SetMenuPoint(MenuId menuid, FoxPoint loc, int charm +ode); #define _SetMenuPoint(menuid, loc) __SetMenuPoint(menuid, loc, +CHARMODE) #define _SetMenuPointP(menuid, loc) __SetMenuPoint(menuid, loc, + PIXELMODE) int FASTCALL _InKey(int timeout, int flag); void FASTCALL _RefreshDisplay(void); void FASTCALL _RefreshVideo(void); #define _WClear(wh) __WControl(wh, WC_CLEAR) #define _WClose(wh) __WControl(wh, WC_CLOSE) #define _WHide(wh) __WControl(wh, WC_HIDE) #define _WShow(wh) __WControl(wh, WC_SHOW) #define _WSelect(wh) __WControl(wh, WC_SELECT) #define _WSendBehind(w) __WControl(w, WC_SENDBEHIND) void FASTCALL __WControl(WHANDLE wh, int mode); #define _WOnTop() __WPort(WP_ONTOP) #define _WGetPort() __WPort(WP_OUTPUT) WHandle FASTCALL __WPort(int mode); void FASTCALL _WZoom(WHANDLE wh, int newstate); void FASTCALL __WSetTitle(WHANDLE wh, char FAR *text, int mode); #define WT_SETFOOTER 0 #define WT_SETTITLE 1 #define WT_GETFOOTER 2 #define WT_GETTITLE 3 #define _WSetFooter(wh, footer) __WSetTitle(wh, footer, WT_SETFOOTER) #define _WSetTitle(wh, title) __WSetTitle(wh, title, WT_SETTITLE) #define _WFooter(wh, footer) __WSetTitle(wh, footer, WT_GETFOOTER) #define _WTitle(wh, title) __WSetTitle(wh, title, WT_GETTITLE) int FASTCALL _WAttr(WHANDLE wh, int color); void FASTCALL _WSetAttr(WHANDLE wh, int color, int attr); void FASTCALL _WPutChr(WHANDLE wh, int character); void FASTCALL _WPutStr(WHANDLE wh, char FAR *str); // Functions to execute FoxPro statements and evaluate FoxPro expressi +ons: int FASTCALL _Execute(char FAR *stmt); int FASTCALL _Evaluate(Value FAR *val, char FAR *expr); // Menuing functions: ITEMID FASTCALL __MenuStat(long x, int mode); #define _MenuId(literal) __MenuStat(literal, 0) #define _GetNewItemId(menuid) __MenuStat(menuid, 1) #define _CountItems(menuid) __MenuStat(menuid, 2) #define _GetNewMenuId() __MenuStat(0, 3) int FASTCALL _MenuInteract(MenuId FAR *menuid, ItemId FAR *item +id); void FASTCALL __MenuAction(MenuId menuid, int mode); #define _ActivateMenu(menuid) __MenuAction(menuid, 0) #define _DeActivateMenu(menuid) __MenuAction(menuid, 1) #ifndef GLOBAL_INCLUDED #define _DisposeMenu(menuid) __MenuAction(menuid, 2) #endif int FASTCALL _NewMenu(int mtype, MenuId menuid); void FASTCALL _SetMenuColor(MenuId menuid, int scheme); ItemId FASTCALL _GetItemId(MenuId menuid, long index); int FASTCALL _NewItem(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, ItemId befo +reid, char FAR *prompt); void FASTCALL _DisposeItem(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid); void FASTCALL __GetItemText(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, char FAR +*text, int mode); #define _GetItemText(menuid, itemid, text) __GetItemText(menuid, itemi +d, text, 0) #define _GetOSPrompt(menuid, itemid, text) __GetItemText(menuid, itemi +d, text, 1) void FASTCALL _SetItemSubMenu(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, MenuId +submenuid); MenuId FASTCALL _GetItemSubMenu(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid); void FASTCALL _SetItemColor(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, int schem +e); void FASTCALL _SetItemText(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, char FAR * +text); int FASTCALL _GetItemCmdKey(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, char +FAR *text); void FASTCALL _SetItemCmdKey(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, int key, + char FAR *text); void FASTCALL _OnSelection(MenuId menuid, ItemId itemid, FPFI routi +ne); // FoxPro Dialogs: int FASTCALL _Dialog(int scheme, char FAR *text, char FAR *butt +on1, char FAR *button2, char FAR *button3, int def, int esc +); // Error Handling: void FASTCALL _Error(int code); void FASTCALL _UserError(char FAR *message); int FASTCALL _ErrorInfo(int code, char FAR *message); #define ED_SAVENOASK 0 #define ED_SAVEASK 1 #define ED_SAVEAS 2 // // Mode flags for the editor functions: // /* Mode flag values for the __EdPos function */ #define ED_SETPOS 0 #define ED_GETLINEPOS 1 #define ED_GETLINENUM 2 #define ED_GETPOS 3 /* Mode flag values for the __EdScroll function */ #define ED_SCROLLTOPOS 0 #define ED_SCROLLTOSEL 1 /* Mode flag values for the __EdManip function */ #define ED_SENDKEY 0 #define ED_DELETE 1 #define ED_INDENT 2 #define ED_COMMENT 3 #define ED_PROPERTIES 4 #define ED_PROCLIST 5 /* Mode flag values for the __EdClipBrd function */ #define ED_COPY 0 #define ED_CUT 1 #define ED_PASTE 2 #define ED_UNDO 3 #define ED_REDO 4 /* Mode flag values for the __EdEnv function */ #define ED_SETENV 0 #define ED_GETENV 1 /* Mode flag values for the __EdRevert function */ #define ED_REVERT 0 #define ED_SAVE 1 /* Mode flag values for the __WFindTitle function */ #define WFINDTITLE 0 #define WMAINWINDOW 1 #define WFUNCTIONMASK 0x0f #define WCLIENTFLAG 0x10 // Editor Functions: WHandle FASTCALL _EdOpenFile(char FAR *filename, int mode); int FASTCALL _EdCloseFile(WHandle wh, int opt); void FASTCALL __EdRevert(WHandle wh, int mode); #define _EdRevert(wh) __EdRevert(wh, ED_REVERT) #define _EdSave(wh) __EdRevert(wh, ED_SAVE) #define _EdSetPos(wh, pos) (__EdPos(wh, (EDPOS) pos, ED_SET +POS)) #define _EdGetLinePos(wh, line) ((EDPOS)__EdPos(wh, (EDLINE) li +ne, ED_GETLINEPOS)) #define _EdGetLineNum(wh, pos) ((EDLINE)__EdPos(wh, (EDPOS) pos +, ED_GETLINENUM)) #define _EdGetPos(wh) ((EDPOS)__EdPos(wh, 0, ED_GETPOS) +) EDPOS FASTCALL __EdPos(WHandle wh, long pos, int mode); int FASTCALL _EdPosInView(WHandle wh, EDPOS pos); #define _EdScrollToPos(wh, pos, flag) (__EdScroll(wh, pos, flag, ED +_SCROLLTOPOS)) #define _EdScrollToSel(wh, flag) (__EdScroll(wh, 0, flag, ED_SC +ROLLTOSEL)) void FASTCALL __EdScroll(WHandle wh, EDPOS pos, int flags, int mode +); #define _EdSendKey(wh, key) __EdManip(wh, key, ED_SENDKEY) #define _EdDelete(wh) __EdManip(wh, 0, ED_DELETE) #define _EdIndent(wh, tabs) __EdManip(wh, tabs, ED_INDENT) #define _EdComment(wh, tabs) __EdManip(wh, tabs, ED_COMMENT) #define _EdProperties(wh) __EdManip(wh, 0, ED_PROPERTIES) #define _EdProcList(wh) __EdManip(wh, 0, ED_PROCLIST) void FASTCALL __EdManip(WHandle wh, int n, int mode); EDPOS FASTCALL _EdSkipLines(WHandle wh, EDPOS pos, int n); void FASTCALL _EdInsert(WHandle wh, char FAR *str, unsigned long l +en); TEXT FASTCALL _EdGetChar(WHandle wh, EDPOS pos); void FASTCALL _EdGetStr(WHandle wh, EDPOS pos1, EDPOS pos2, TEXT FA +R *str); #define _EdCopy(wh) __EdClipBrd(wh, ED_COPY) #define _EdCut(wh) __EdClipBrd(wh, ED_CUT) #define _EdPaste(wh) __EdClipBrd(wh, ED_PASTE) #define _EdUndo(wh) __EdClipBrd(wh, ED_UNDO) #define _EdRedo(wh) __EdClipBrd(wh, ED_REDO) void FASTCALL __EdClipBrd(WHandle wh, int mode); void FASTCALL _EdSelect(WHandle wh, EDPOS pos1, EDPOS pos2); void FASTCALL _EdUndoOn(WHandle wh, int flag); void FASTCALL _EdActive(WHandle wh, int flag); int FASTCALL _EdLastError(WHandle wh); #define _EdSetEnv(wh, env) __EdEnv(wh, env, ED_SETENV) #define _EdGetEnv(wh, env) __EdEnv(wh, env, ED_GETENV) #define _WFindTitle(title) __WFindTitle(title, WFINDTITLE) #define _WFindClientTitle(title) __WFindTitle(title, WFINDTITLE | W +CLIENTFLAG) #define _WMainWindow() __WFindTitle(0, WMAINWINDOW) #define _WMainClientWindow() __WFindTitle(0, WMAINWINDOW | WCLI +ENTFLAG) int FASTCALL __EdEnv(WHandle, EDENV FAR *, int); HWND FASTCALL _WhToHwnd(WHandle); WHandle FASTCALL __WFindTitle(char FAR *, int); // Object model extensions #define _WGetObjectClientWindow(objct) __WGetObjectWindow(objct, WC +LIENTFLAG) #define _WGetObjectWindow(objct) __WGetObjectWindow(objct, 0) WHandle FASTCALL __WGetObjectWindow(Value FAR *, int); int FASTCALL _SetObjectProperty(Value FAR *objct, char FAR *prop, V +alue FAR *val, int fadd); int FASTCALL _GetObjectProperty(Value FAR *val, Value FAR *objct, c +har FAR *prop); int FASTCALL _ObjectReference(Value FAR *objct); int FASTCALL _ObjectRelease(Value FAR *objct); int FASTCALL _ObjectCmp(Value FAR *objct1, Value FAR *objct2); void FASTCALL _FreeObject(Value FAR *objct); //_OCXAPI will allow developers of OCXs to use the LCK // Sample call: _OCXAPI(AfxGetInstanceHandle(),DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH); BOOL WINAPI _OCXAPI(HINSTANCE hInstance,DWORD dwReason); #ifdef GLOBAL_INCLUDED #undef WHANDLE #endif #ifdef __cplusplus } // End of extern "C" { #endif #if defined(_MSC_VER) #pragma pack(pop) // Restore structure packing #endif #endif // PRO_EXT_INCLUDED



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