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I have a script which parses /etc/log/maillog and builds a hash of bounced email addresses, doing a few database interactions to identify the names and phone numbers of the recipients going without their email.

Today I'm adding Template::Latex to the mix to generate a report which might be useful for tracking down corrections to the bouncing email. But for some reason my variable substitutions are not happening.

My template includes the following:

[% FOREACH recipient IN call_list %] \textbf{} & box & recipient.uid: & r +ecipient.fname recipient.lname & recipient.phones \\ \hline [% FOREACH sponsor IN call_list.recipient.upstream %] \multicolumn{2}{||r|}{} & sponsor.uid: +me & sponsor.fname sponsor.lname & sponsor.phones \\ [% END %] \hline [% END %]
The script itself includes:

sub produce_report { my $call_list = shift; my $vars = { 'call_list' => $call_list }; print Dumper($vars); $tt->process('nightly_bounced_emails_report.tex.tt2', $vars, 'bounced_email_report.pdf', binmode => 1) || die $tt->error(); return; }
$call_list arrives as a hashref, with the bouncing email addresses used as keys, each containing a data structure for the bounced recipient, plus a key called 'upstream', which includes an arrayref of anonymous hashes for the folks who brought the bounced recipient into the mix.

When the template is processed, it is producing a .tex file including:

\textbf{} & box & recipient.uid: & r +ecipient.fname recipient.lname & recipient.phones \\ \hline \hline \textbf{} & box & recipient.uid: & r +ecipient.fname recipient.lname & recipient.phones \\ \hline \hline
And it never descends into the data structure to process the internal loop.

Can anyone please advise how I can get my template variables interpolated instead, please?

Any clues appreciated.

-- Hugh Esco

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