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Categorized best nodes

by gmax (Abbot)
on Apr 12, 2004 at 13:15 UTC ( #344377=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

A few months ago, following a lead by BrowserUk and using source code (slightly rearranged) by blokhead, I started collecting Selected Best Nodes, until I had 2000 of them.

Once I was reasonably confident that I had the first 2000 best nodes of all times, I started playing with the resulting database, and eventually I made a simple search engine, from where I can get some statistics by section or author, and lists of nodes, customized by section and rep.

A few examples:

Stats by section, sorted by number of nodes: (but you can get stats by author, or sorted in different ways)

section nodes sum_rep avg_rep min_rep max_rep
Meditations 808 89319 110.54 82 452
Seekers of Perl Wisdom 579 56855 98.20 82 389
Perl Monks Discussion 249 28373 113.95 82 297
Cool Uses For Perl 113 13331 117.97 82 325
Obfuscated Code 111 14819 133.50 82 541
Tutorials 71 9324 131.32 83 409
Perl Poetry 44 4882 110.95 83 256
Craft 17 1908 112.24 85 227
Code Catacombs 5 464 92.80 85 101
Polls 3 326 108.67 98 129
Snippets Section 3 342 114 83 150
Reviews 2 192 96 96 96
Perl News 1 92 92 92 92

List of Meditations and Cool Uses for Perl nodes with rep of 200 or more: (but you can list by any other section or rep value)

n. title author repsection
1 Professional Employees and Works for Hire tilly 452 Med
2 A little fun with merlyn jcwren 325 CUFP
3 Shift, Pop, Unshift and Push with Impunity! lhoward 286 Med
4 Re: Professional Employees and Works for Hire dws 285 Med
5 Damian Conway's ten rules for when to use OO petdance 276 Med
6 Why I like functional programming tilly 271 Med
7 Second rate programmers and my confession Ovid 265 Med
8 web site design, or lack thereof merlyn 254 Med
9 Paradigm Shift - Don't use strict Ovid 239 Med
10 How You (Yes You!) Can Get Involved chromatic 237 Med
11 My coding guidelines Abigail-II 234 Med
12 Genetic Programming or breeding Perls gumpu 232 CUFP
13 'our' is not 'my' Ovid 232 Med
14 SPAM eater boo_radley 226 CUFP
15 The path to mastery tilly 223 Med
16 Oh my God! Tie killed Perl! Petruchio 217 Med
17 Stats Whoring - The VXML Way jcwren 213 Med
18 Do my homework for me! dws 213 Med
19 Advanced Sorting - GRT - Guttman Rosler Transform demerphq 210 Med
20 Yoda Speak Translator grep 209 CUFP
21 Re: Professional Employees and Works for Hire Trimbach 200 Med

More than my description, I believe that using it directly would be easier to understand. So have a look at, where you can also download the current database in SQLite format.

I will appreciate comments and tips for enhancements. Actually, if the gods decide to implement something like this in the Monastery, I would be very happy.

Thanks to demerphq, BrowserUk, dragonchild, and blokhead for providing useful feedback and tips.

Modified links in example table. Since it was cut-and-paste code from an external page, its links could log out the readers. Fixed now. Thanks to talexb.

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Re: Categorized best nodes
by talexb (Chancellor) on Apr 12, 2004 at 18:30 UTC

    Statistical Analysis seems to be a common sport among Perl Monks -- suits me, as the son and grandson of an actuary.

    One minor detracting point -- can you change the links to the articles from absolute links to the [id://123456] format? As soon as I checked out one of the links, the formatting went wonky -- I was logged out. Thanks!

    Alex / talexb / Toronto

    Life is short: get busy!

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