in reply to Request for deletion policy

I have two suggestions, and I hope I'm not out of line.
Firstly, I think it might be a little less Orwellian if deleted threads were listed somewhere (perhaps along with the reason for deletion). Not the content, mind you, just the thread title and reason. I have no qualms about vroom and others deciding what's appropriate for perlmonks, but it's just kind of eerie to have an big chunk of yesterday's reading dissapear down the memory hole.

Secondly, in response to:
I think the way this site allows people to edit posts without leaving a trail is very unwise and will lead to problems.
I'd hate to lost the ability to go back and edit my posts, whether to make myself clearer or just to fix some minor error. Maybe edits could be tracked by text color, or an edit could replace an original post while still containing a clear link to that original.

Just my .02, I could be wrong.

~acolyte d4vis