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Finally got around to putting something on here after several months. Recent news about me includes:

Relevant links:

I learned an interesting thing about PerlMonks yesterday. Anyone is free to ask questions, but not all questions (even those that rigorously follow the advice given in How (Not) To Ask A Question ) are of equal merit. It's also important that your question be of interest to at least some reasonable portion of the general audience. After lurking for two years as Anonymous Monk and then spending several months exclusively answering questions, I finally posted one of my own at PAR error on Win32: Can't locate At one point its rep was -2, making it my worst node ever! I couldn't think of what I had done wrong. But then I realized the problem - my question offered no opportunity for discussion or enlightenment, and therefore should probably have been asked on a PAR mailing list or some such. A humbling experience, to be sure.

My list of intriguing and/or useful nodes:

(*) In case you were wondering why I would use Win32::GUI and Tk in the same program: Tk is because I like it better and I want my program to be portable, Win32::GUI is because I want the Win32 version to have a taskbar icon.