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I am a M/F/Other...

by vroom (His Eminence)
on Feb 15, 2000 at 00:06 UTC ( [id://3459] : poll . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Perl Monk
[bar] 101/80%
Perl Nun
[bar] 11/9%
I'll get back to you
[bar] 14/11%
126 total votes
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RE: I am a M/F/Other...
by neshura (Chaplain) on Feb 15, 2000 at 02:51 UTC
    What I was going to say here before my post got lost was that a perl nun is not a good thing. Nuns are traditionally only minimally educated (enough to read the liturgy) while monks are very scholarly, so a perl nun would be a person who was enthusiastic about Perl without knowing anything about - a sysadmin maybe? (heh heh)

    So a skilled perl coder who happens to be a woman ought to be a monk too.

    Am I being too picky? I consider myself a monk, even though I voted for "nun"

    e-mail neshura

      > Nuns are traditionally only minimally educated
      > (enough to read the liturgy) while monks are very
      > scholarly

      Depends on the tradition you're looking at, and the era. There is strong evidence to indicate, for instance, that in the (mostly illiterate) Merovingian era, Christian nuns learned Latin, copied books, and even wrote.

      Check out Hildegaard of Bingen, a somewhat later luminary. Bein' a nun ain't no shame.

      mm.. a bit late reply about perl-nun, but please don't forget all the nuns who teach in schools and run the schools! I assume that most of them had/have more than minimal education

      --postulant perl-nun
      I dont know. You make a good point, but still I'm not a "Brether". Also, let me point out that "Sophie" (ie. Wisdom) was female.
      Don't be teasing the people with root- sysadmins are, as a rule, a grumpy lot and tend to react badly to being teased ( a la Simon ). :) Mik - a recovered sysadmin
      You make a strong case, but I'm still not gonna shave the top of my head!
RE: I am a M/F/Other...
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 18, 2000 at 18:09 UTC
    of course just to be diffrent i had to other heheheheheheheheh thiabout it my name is tekno-BOY ("though i were a girle just my dear papa" monty pythons) just kidding buh bye

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