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A while ago, I asked the question Reconstructing an (SV *) when you know the address and the precise structure of the said SV.

As it turns out, this approach fails for the purpose of application (IPC::Door) that I sought the advice for, due to the (apparent) limitation of the library involved. (Documentation does not mention such limitation, however.) The library works, passing back and forth a pointer to a simple C data types such as int or char(I have not tested all C data types). And struct works, too, as long as struct itself contains no other pointers.

So, instead of the usual SV* , I need int* or char* or something like that to pass around. Obviously, one might consider Data::Dumper-esque approach of flattening data to an ASCII string and pass that around, but obviously this is an increasingly costly solution for larger data structures. If you have any suggestion on how to efficiently "flatten" perl's internal data, I'd appreciate it. I am not a very experienced C programmer, but I'd do my best to understand your suggestions! :)