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(bbq) RE: RE: RE: #!/usr/bin/perl -w

by BBQ (Deacon)
on Oct 04, 2000 at 16:17 UTC ( #35248=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE: RE: #!/usr/bin/perl -w
in thread #!/usr/bin/perl -w

> It's just a warning, but it's a good sign that you're not quite done programming yet. :)

You mean there's a point at which one's done programming? Gee, and I always thought the client would call again tomorrow asking for something else to be included! <snicker>

Seriously, I have found that one of the main reasons to use -w is not for immediate benefit as chromatic's post might suggest, but it keeps you from having to figure out issues later on when you come back to maintain the code. Its a win-win situation: safer now, and better later...

# Trust no1!

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RE: (bbq) RE: RE: RE: #!/usr/bin/perl -w
by chromatic (Archbishop) on Oct 05, 2000 at 07:40 UTC
    You mean there's a point at which one's done programming?

    Yes, when I've implemented all of the features I want to implement and the code generates no warnings or errors.

    (That's why I like the Jellybean screenshots up on my page.)

    If I'm getting uninitialized value warnings, that's a sign that some part of my logic is broken, and there's the potential that something really bad is lurking beneath the surface.

    Maybe that's the Chthonic school of programming -- it is uninitialized in here. You may be eaten by a grue.

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