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I receive a piece of email notice every time when someone check in some file to cvs repository. I am supposed to check and see whether the right things are done. However the email notice does not contain enough information, for example, such things as tag is missing.

I am thinking of create a script that will retrieve message from my personal folder (all cvs related emails are automatically forwarded to a folder called cvs), then I can get tags and other informations through some sort of cvs interface.

I did an online search. A module called CVS came up, I quickly went through its doc, and looks fine to me. As I never used this modle before, I am not sure whether that's a good module, or is there any better choices.

I searched the word 'outlook' on CPAN, two of the modules returned seem useful to me: Mail::Box::Dbx, and Mail::Transport::Dbx. But the doc says that they were for outlook express, I am not sure whether that covers outlook.