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I think this may be a bit redundant, but...

If you want usenet, you know where to find it.

I really don't have anything against Usenet, and I used to read lots of newsgroups, but... As you mention, the S/N ratio is abysmal. We are working hard to keep the S/N ratio here high. Will gatewaying comp.lang.perl.moderated do anything but drop that S/N ratio?

What might be worth considering, as a purely volunteer effort is a "Best Of" section, where people can post pointers to the best off-monestary (or even in-monestary) Perl-related contend they find. If a good thread appears on clpm that Monks may be interested in, post it there (or preferrably a link thereto). Find a helpful, informative post on perl6-*, link to the mailing list archives. Another website has a useful, good Perl article/page/etc, post a link.

This may be a good idea, who knows?