Russ's current assignment in Kansas City, Kansas, USA puts him within decent driving distance for me.   So... we're looking at a totally informal, throw-it-together-with-little-or-no-planning, Perl Monks barbecue+blues+jazz get-together on Saturday, October 28th.

/msg me if you're interested in joining this pilgrimage to meet fellow Monks and enjoy food and music that KC is famous for.

p.s. Anyone else wonder what's up with Russ and cities with state names?   ;^)   First Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   Now Kansas City, Kansas.   What's next - the all too real towns of Iowa City, Iowa or Nebraska City, Nebraska ?

Update: Looks like his itinerary is growing.  {grin}   Tilly and chromatic give us New York, NY and Idaho City, ID.   How about a World Tour with Mexico City, Mexico?   Or Quebec City, Quebec from Anonymous Monk?   Then there's Texarkana, AR + Texarkana, TX from Phaysis and Arkansas City, KS and Kansas, OK from adamsj.   Now BBQ has Russ making stops at Brasilia and São Paulo, São Paulo and Rio de Janerio, Rio de Janerio, all in (you guessed it) Brazil !