I have walked around the Monastery for some time without noticing the statistics being gathered over at

The most amazing application of this information is by far the Monk Maps,

UPDATE Note this new version:

Getting listed in the optional statistics is easy enough. Getting on the map takes a bit more effort.

  1. If it is close to April 1, you must first consult the Department of Homeland Security and buy a tinfoil hat. great April fools joke guys!
  2. Adding some simple tags to your homenode for latitude and longitude will cause you to appear on the map.
  3. This has the form: <!-- location:latitude=34.59.59,longitude=-84.12.34 -->

Note that you can get close to your latitude and longitude with simple mouse movement over a map such as the IRIS Seismic Monitor.

UPDATE: Very accurate "mouseover" lattitude and longitude is available for North America and Europe from maptech. (See free maps section)

If you live in North America do not forget to add the "-" to your Longitude. Think of a proper translation for "Longitude 100 W" to "Longitude -100" and you will be fine. My first attempt without the "-" put me somewhere in China and I had to correct the tag. (Note that I am located in Nebraska now - which is just sligtly more populated with Monks than China.) Here is an index of US cities with a link to a version with degrees, minutes, and seconds also. A very big thanks to jcwren for creating this service. He does not appear to be very active on perlmonks lately.

I am sure that this topic has been covered in the past, but my Super Search has turned up little information. If others find this information useful I would suggest saying so now in an effort to preserve this resource.