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jdavidboyd's scratchpad

by jdavidboyd (Friar)
on Jun 03, 2004 at 19:27 UTC ( #360389=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

J. David Boyd
A & D Boyd
Largo, FL 33770

My ACM VCard

Business Card

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Assocation for Computing Machinery

Informative Links

Introduction to Technical Writing/Documentation
Pragmatic Programmer

Interactive perl
ctags: better Perl support
Code Editors and Development Environments
manual install CPAN modules
Edit PDF Text
Creating programs using SSL
PerlMonks Editor
Flipin good, or a total flop?
Non-buffered read from program
Keeping MySQL connection parameters in a safe place
Keeping MySQL connection parameters in a safe place
The Perldoc Perlfunc Quiz
Structuring a Web site and security issues
Flash/w/audio with SWF::Builder
How do I install on Cygwin?
Calc md5 for file by drag and drop (Windows)
To remap keyboard (Windows)
Countdown timer using Tk
Text to animated pseudo-braille GIF
Josť's Guide for creating Perl modules
Re: Scriptome and Perl One-Liners
Finding Windows XP CD Key
Calendar in Perl TK
brian's Guide to Solving Any Perl Problem
manual install CPAN modules
ulam's spiral too slow
OT: When to put things live
SFTP with SSH in perl
To Findout Prime number
"Practices and Principles" to death
who am I?
dropping to the debugger from script?
a Tree that can fold and unfold
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