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Re^5: The quantity vs. quality lesson

by flyingmoose (Priest)
on Jun 05, 2004 at 18:34 UTC ( [id://361647] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: The quantity vs. quality lesson
in thread The quantity vs. quality lesson

I --'ed nearly every single reply you made in this thread, and I'm going to explain why
The experience cut hurts so very very much. I might not attain level vroom now. Anyhow, I am downvoting all of your nodes every time you advertise for your own 3 little modules when it was unneccesary to do so.
Furthermore, I don't hear you or Fatvamp offering to take on the effort of moderating the submissions.
Nope, I wouldn't work on it -- but a community can always listen to suggestions -- I chose to work on other things, and volunteerism doesn't always have to be software related -- the point is you contribute. Meanwhile, openness is important, but evidentally you don't think that way. I think you exist only to advertise your contributions and your 3 modules in every post -- ok -- fine, nice, good for you -- but this does not make your ideas any better than mine.

So, your perfect CPAN would have only the best of the best ... which means it won't fulfill most needs.
Do you run Debian? I'm asking for tiers of quality/safety/completeness, that's all.

Until you are willing to do what Jarrko et al have done and donate 20-40 hours per week of your own time, you don't have the right to get on that soapbox and bitch up a storm.
So I don't have the right to discuss feature improvements on a public forum? Great. I love the openness here. It's lovely.

So, anyhow, I'm enjoying the holier-than-thou atmosphere here, someone tries to get the Perl community to rise above it's "line noise" and "crap code" stereotypes and the community just backs them up. What sort of environment is that? It can't excel. It will be continually held back by this small thinking. It grows, and grows, but completely without form, design, and planning. So it's an archive... put it is *not* fit for a standard library or something that would pretend to be one. It says a convient way to download things and resolve dependencies, but it does not recieve attention ... one man's modules are one man's modules, and features are added sporadically -- modules are instead forked or cloned, and there is much duplication -- but little to no cooperation! The source is open to these modules, but the development and maintaince process isn't. Hence the dispartity.

Yes, this is another post to downvote. Have at me, I don't care. The attitude towards change and free discussion here is really depressing. I don't want everyone to agree, but it would be nice if they got off their high horses once and awhile.

Well, anyhow, I'm glad some of you have shown your true colors -- I'm resigning from this community as I have no intention of being associated with biggots like you.