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I am running a system command to a file passing the data to a filehandle, but the if clause does not work. My goal is to run a system app command and if it creates a file greater than 0 bytes then use MIME:Lite to email the data otherwise just "touch" a file.Any ideas? thank you!
## Set pragmas use strict; my $foreigntapes="/usr/local/log/foreign_tapes.log"; delete $ENV{'IFS'}; local $ENV{'PATH'}= "/usr/epoch/bin:/usr/epoch/EB/bin:/usr/bin +:/usr/sbin:/bin:/sbin"; open (OUT, ">$foreigntapes") || die "could not open file:$!"; my @ftapes = grep s/^barcode=//, `evmvol -w label_state=1`; my $svsel = select; select OUT; $| = 1; print OUT "@ftapes"; if ( -s OUT ) { print "file is greater than 0 bytes \n"; }