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Re: shameful admission

by bibo (Pilgrim)
on Jun 15, 2004 at 16:53 UTC ( #366946=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to shameful admission

In the old days <grin> we used to think there were more lines of COBOL in the universe than any other language...I suspect now, if some poor soul was to make a survey, we would find that C (and C++) have overtaken COBOL.

I think if you need it, you should do it. If you already know how to program in other languages, then you are over the hardest part anyway.

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Re^2: shameful admission
by itub (Priest) on Jun 15, 2004 at 17:10 UTC

      No, it can be done with much less. The following will torture many a soul.

      0000-MAIN. CALL 'printf' USING 'Hello, World' END-CALL. EXIT.

      yeah, that was exactly what i was thinking!


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